‘Happy Hearths Warming’ is legal to say in Buckxas schools


CLOPSTIN - Buckxas - Its legal to say "Happy Hearth's Warming" in Buckxas schools and lawmakers held a news conference Monday to remind Buckxans of the law that went into effect in 2013.

The law removes legal risk from exchanging holiday greetings in school. It also protects students and teachers who celebrate Hearts Warming and Ponukkah in the classroom and protects holiday symbols like a cloptivity scene or marenora.

"This bill originated when I picked up my first grade foal from school last year and asked her how his day went," Rep. Dwarne Bohorse, said. "She told me that her class had decorated their holiday tree with holiday ornaments. When I asked what a holiday tree was, she told me it was the same as a Hearts Warming Tree. After inquiring with school officials as to why the term 'Holiday Tree' was being used, it became apparent that the school was fearful of litigation."

Two sets of protesters have congregated in front of the Buckxas capital building, demanding a repeal of the law. One set of protesters notably donned fedora headwear and its male constituents sporting beards of the neck and appeared to be very euphoric in the moment off of their own intelligence. The other set of protesters, primarily consisting of mares with dyed manes and unshaven legs, claimed the law was a product of the "patriarchal constructs of a misogynistic society" and appeared to be 'triggered' by the mention of Hearts Warming.

Under the law, teachers, students, parents, and school administrators can celebrate traditional holidays like Hearths Warming Eve and Ponukkah in Buckxas public schools without fear of litigation.

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  1. You guys said you wouldn't be posting anything for 48 hours. You lied. I've been triggered.

    I demand a full refund of spaghetti, as well as a towel for my soggy knees.

  2. I'm sure there are plenty of trees with Princess Celestia at the top