For Your Holiday Listening Pleasure

December 25th is finally upon us, and that means unless you're a filthy money-grabbing Jew, it's Christmas! It's a wonderful time of year where we get to spend quality time with our families, get plastered on spiked eggnog, and celebrate the birth of Jesus by receiving a bunch of presents thanks to the fruits of American capitalism!
Unless you work for Horse News. We're on the naughty list...
And what would Christmas be without some classic Christmas music?

But let's face it: You listen to the same damn Christmas songs every year. There's only so many of them, and if I have to listen to the fucking "Little Drummer Boy" one more time I'm putting myself in the oven instead of a turkey. Lucky for you all, though, we decided to spread some holiday cheer and give you all a present that is sure to spice up your family gathering!

Enjoy this Horse News Select Arrangement of Christmas Music from the bottom of our cold, blackened hearts!

All I Want for Christmas is a Space Jam

Santa is Coming (#TYBG)

An Airhorn Christmas

Winter's Fucked Up

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Raindeer

O Holy Night

Merry Muthafuckin' Christmas

Darudolph- Snowstorm

A Very MLG Christmas

I Want a Pony Semen Jar for Christmas

And finally, you know what this one is...

Merry Christmas to all you wonderful faggots! 

And don't you dare give us any of that pussy Communist liberal "Happy Holidays" shit

Comments (6)

  1. >Christmas music thread
    >No "A Christmas Fucking Miracle"

  2. An excellent selection. Might I also suggest an assortment of ChristmASS music from the Pinkamena Party team?

    1. isnt pinkamena party formed by the failed musicians of the fandom who have never figured out how to make music correctly after all these years so they go "fuck it" and make shitty albums on purpose as a childish retort to the fact they cant actually make good music?

  3. >Not including the greatest Christmas song ever written.

  4. Nothing will beat Rudolph the Red Nosed Reichdeer.