According to the person who originally sent us this information, the Drawponies facebook group “ have been banning people asking questions about this, and removing posts, trying to turn the entire thing into a cover-up.”

Edit 6:35 PM We now have a screenshot about Neil's "Apology" in reaction to the tracing scandal posted earlier in his private facebook group. We see it does not address the tracing issue. What an amazing PR job.

Edit 7:44PM
We have this comment from a puported "member of Drawponies" we have saved, mirrored, and are displaying here since the option for commenters to delete their own comments exists and its possible the Drawponies team might force him to remove the comment if it ends up incriminating him further. Such as the claim that "Yes, it's true that Neil traces over elements".

Edit 9:32PM

Drawponies' Patreon has not been removed, he's just renamed it to
Proof that these patreons are one-in-the-same, and originally bore Drawponies name as the header.

Secondary evidence includes the similar patron numbers. The Google Cache shows 47 patrons giving $318 a week, the new patreon link shows 46 patrons giving $308 a week. This, along with the web-archive link, gives us overwhelming evidence that "Adapting To Night" is indeed a Drawponies enterprise. Don't believe the damage-control naysayer!

Hmmm... so he's calling his damage control "Adapting" then. We wonder why he's changed it too; perhaps to evade folks reporting his patreon?

Also, upon going through the Drawponies patron, we've learned that while Drawponies doesnt sell comics, per se, they run a patreon to fund their comic operation which is almost entirely traced.

Leekfish has nothing to do with this article but since we know she's reading this, we had to stick it in somewhere to piss off ItsThinking78.