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Horse Game Updated - Now with VIOLENCE

Horse News is not dead yet - and neither is Horse GAME. They've just released a Combat Demo for the ongoing ambitious video game project. It looks cool as hell. Check out what they have to say.

Bronyscot 2019 Hearth's Warming Interviews Dump. More to Come in Update.

Exclusive: Sara Richard Leaving MLP Comics, Tony Fleecs Libel Action
Comic Catchup at Bronyscot 2019, November 9th, Glasgow

Descendant of Salem Witch Gets Badgered by Idiot Obsessed With Orangutans...
Mr. Fleecs Responds to Allegations of 'That Old Prospector'

Okay, okay, so it's only a hiatus, but we have to clickbait as we aren't the bigger press outfits like Equestria Daily... although the biggest press outlets like the Daily Mail need to...  creative tax arrangements don't come cheap. Anyway, Sara spoke to us about her upcoming work up to issue #90 of the comics and, now that Clover Press dropped The Book of Oz, chock full of her illustrations, they're thinking of a second release. SO HIT THEM UP if you want further adventures. More videos from #bronyscot  to come, and our chat from August with Sara and Tony Fleecs is in the video description. Follow us at #ponytv and @HorseNewsMLP

We got to talk to Jesse Nowack, voice actor of Seras from Hellsing Ultimate Abridged, Red from Fist Master, and a load of roles in Pokemon Abridged, all from Team Four Star. He also had some advice for voice actors in the middle of a transition of gender, having been there himself. He had to redo lines, such as Red's, but he was able to work it all out. This video contains lots of apes, you have been warned. Chelis was directing this video and as we all know is obsessed with Simpsons memes like Dr. Zaius... so is Duke as well, so he has no right to complain, but still.

The Future Looks Bright - but that's because the dumpster fire is white-hot

The Sonic the Hedgehog fandom breathed a sigh of relief this week as an updated character model was released for the upcoming liveaction movie that was a remarkable improvement from the previously released version. The brain trust at Hasbro, following their lead, did the complete opposite of that and released these images which are a steaming pile of Teen Titans Go.

The future of My Little Pony is bright, but that light at the end of the tunnel might be an oncoming freight train. Look at this bullshit.

Potential New MLP Movie for 2021 in the works.

Get hype!

According to this tweet from Box Office Pro that was released today, we may be seeing a new My Little Pony movie on September 24, 2021; only two years away from now. As this is the first thing we've heard of about it, we're not quite sure if this is a G4 Friendship is Magic, or a G5 movie to kick off a potential new series. More information as we get it down below

Reposted from last year: Bronyscot 2018 Coverage and Advice

Roliing Pone: There Can Only Be Win*
Notes from Bronyscot 2018, Fifth Year in a Row
How To Run A Small But Fun Convention... Rock Nessie Concert On Sunday... Worth the Costs

by Foal Duke, International Affairs Correspondent, Glasgow 9-11 November 2018

Note: this is a repost from last year to serve as a guide for newcomers this year. See the section Getting There in particular.

The Glasgow Botanic Gardens, one of the city's main attractions.

So. the final European convention of the year has just come and gone.

Bronyscot has come into its fifth year, and the event was, like always, small but with a lot of punch behind it. Over two days, with the con on Saturday at the Hilton Grosvenor and Rock Nessie on Sunday at the Classic Grand, the social scene in Europe is still thriving, it appears. With only one real hitch, the con was run better than last year, and yet again people have come to some windswept island in the atlantic from across Europe for it.

It costs a fair bit, bit it's worth it if you want to make friends and have a good time, especially if you have friends going that can join you for a hammered headbanging hootenanny. And if you book early, prices are a lot cheaper. I recommend it to any readers in the Americas, too - but you should perhaps take a week's autumn vacation on the Isles, or even as part of a two week tour to see RuBronyCon in Moscow, which takes place at a similar time and, being Russia, Aeroflot prices are cheap. Then it'll definitely be worth it. Glasgow is a friendly place with a ton of things to do.

Read on after the break!
*Working title: Five-lander.

Hacker fakes brony's death, gets caught, won't shut up about it

On the morning of Thursday, June 27th, 2019, Horse News received an email from someone named "Constantine B" that read "Brony dead...apparently he passed away last night" accompanied by a collage of photographs of Joey Oropesa aka "PecachPictures" lying in a hospital bed. The word had spread quickly that Joey had passed away, and the brony community was in mourning. Within a few hours though, Joey appeared on a youtube livestream...very much alive, bringing a wave of relief and confusion to the fandom.

So what happened?

Well, a hacker had (according to Joey) allegedly broken into Joey's gmail account, found photos taken by Joey's father of Joey in the hospital bed (for a medical emergency, but not death), and proceeded to create the collage and send it out from the PecachPictures twitter account (which was also hacked) claiming Joey had died.

Who would do such a thing? And why?

Well those questions have since been answered and the alleged suspect - a Singaporean Hacker going by the screen-name "Benedict Ho" - WILL NOT SHUT UP ABOUT IT.

Let's take a look.

Brony Fan VA allegedly sexually harasses child, blames autism

An MLP Fan Voice Actor using the handle "Jestre DeRama"/@Bugstre (real name Zachary according to his pill bottles) has been accused of activity equating to sexual harassment of a minor on Twitter today, following a series of exchanges with user "Buttons"/@creationsoutofe. In the tweets, it is alleged that Jestre, age 29, "smacked" the buttocks of a then-15-year-old girl attending a convention. When confronted about this behavior, Jestre claims he has "poor judgement" due to being "bad at social cues from being on the autism spectrum".

The exchange is chronicled below.

All of this is was revealed after the creator of Lovestruck Derpy and Discorded Whooves announced they were creating a comic featuring a child-adult relationship. Jestre and Jitterbug Jive are collaborators who have done convention appearances together in the past, according to the Trotcon website.

Filly Astray - An Anonfilly Game Not Meant for Filthy Casuals

In the history of the fandom we've seen many video game projects. Some have been killed by Hasbro (RIP PonyKart) before ever seeing the light of day, and some have actually made it all the way to completion and hold a mythical status in the community (like such wholesome games as Banned From Equestria Daily). What may surprise some is to see promising new projects actually showing progress, this late into the history of the show. Meet "Filly Astray", a side-scrolling platformer fan-game that just released a playable 1 level demo this week.

More surprising than this game actually being worked on, is the fact that it's actually fucking awesome. Probably more awesome if you're not a filthy casual when it comes to gaming like myself.

Let's take a look at it.

A Friend in need - Help pay for a fan's medical procedure before it's too late


There are some questions about our world that seem to deny answer. Questions like "why are we here?" or "Why do bad things happen to good people?" or even "Why doesn't the United States have affordable health care?"
While these questions evade comprehension, there is one question we CAN answer: "Is there some way I can help?" The answer is yes, and it can start with one fellow pony-fan's mouth.

Meet Erik. 
He has a disease called "Plastoenamel" (Enamel Hypoplasia). What this means is the protective layer of his teeth is eroding quickly and if it proceeds unchecked he might lose his teeth entirely, and / or cause serious complications, like diseases that can cause brain damage. He needs help quickly so that he can afford the necessary procedure to stop the progression before it gets to that point.

A gofundme has been set up to help cover the cost of the treatment, and other community members have stepped up to provide incentives to get the ball rolling.

If you can please take this chance to help out a friend in need.