Update and Comment: Two Charity Theft Cases in a Week? by

Update and Comment: Two Charity Theft Cases in a Week?
Foal (Not Raoul) Duke, Tuesday 13th May 2019

Notice someone special missing from this set? She was stolen. Photo courtesy HypnoHooves.

Readers who follow Twitter lately will have heard of Filly Con's twitter account being hijacked. The hijacker is putting out various accusations, and there are allegations of charity money theft as well. The new user's output consists, amongst other things, alt-right political memes and other internet nonsense that makes us reluctant to call them adults with a straight face.

The allegations of charity theft include money not going to the charity in question, and dodgy vendors, to the tune of thousands of dollars.

Things are currently in a state of flux, but we'll be sure to keep you updated as we obtain more information.

Another more straightforward theft occurred at Griffish Isles this weekend - the con Chair HypnoHooves informs me that a collectible Derpy figure from the MLP version of Game of Life they had arranged for the games room has been stolen.

Dukie Does Dallas: HarmonyCon Recap Day One by

Rolling Pone: Dukie Does Dallas
An Introduction to the First Ever HarmonyCon
Foal Duke, International Affairs Correspondent, Addison, Dallas, 08 - 10 Feb 2019

So, according to Crowded House, you should always take the weather with you.
    Well, Crowded House can bugger off - I did take the weather me and consequently it rained instead of being a few nice sunny days like I was hoping for. But that didn't matter, pony fanatics, because it was the first convention of the season and I was there to cover it, just for you. I'm great, aren't I?
    This was the first ever HarmonyCon, and the spiritual successor to Nightmare Nights Dallas. And it showed; there were a lot of staff from NND to help run the place, and Chef Sandy and various other bigwigs gave the latest Brawlers Tyler and Pepper some invaluable advice. While it did have a hitch or two (as we all know by now...) it ran pretty smoothly.  Crucially, though, especially as I am a Dallas newfag, did it live up to expectiations?
    Pretty much everyone seemed to think so.
    Join me after the break for the latest entry in the Rolling Pone nerd travelogues... with Dukie Does Dallas.

Comic Catchup with Tony Fleecs Part 2/2 (in which we discuss the Pony Jar) by

Interview - Comic Catchup with Tony Fleecs
Part Two: How to Get Into Comics and Get Noticed
Foal Duke, International Affairs, HarmonyCon, Dallas, 9th Feb 2019

Following on from Part One of the interview, Tony had more to say about comics, and some much needed advice for would-be comic writers and artists. See more after the break.

Interview - Comic Catchup with Tony Fleecs Part 1/2 by

Interview - Comic Catchup with Tony Fleecs 
Part One: Fleecs on Fandom and 'Fluences
Foal Duke, International Affairs, HarmonyCon, Dallas, 9th Feb 2019

Hey readers! Want to make comics?
     At HarmonyCon, Tony Fleecs (artist for IDW's MLP Comics) sat down and gave us his most notable influences and some important pointers on setting up your own comic and getting it noticed. He also gave us his rather interesting take on the fandom.
     Like always, the video and article are after the jump. You can follow more interesting fandom interviews, drama, and hilarity (at least according to us) on @HorseNewsMLP and our new channel Horse News TV #ponytv, or #horsenewsmlp. Tony can be seen at @tonyfleecs.
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Hello, HarmonyCon! The Newest Convention. by

Part One: Meeting the Chairs and HarmonyCon's History
Foal Duke, International Affairs Correspondent, Addison, Texas, 10 Feb 2019

GeekBrony's set at the Friday night rave. Thanks to ASP Productions who filmed it all.
(Image taken from video by Foal Duke for HN).

At HarmonyCon back in Feb, I was able to sit down with the Chairs of HarmonyCon, the newest convention in the fandom and the successor to the much vaunted Nightmare Nights Dallas. They gave us the history of the convention and some very impportant advice for you if you wish to run one yourself. Did it fill the Stetsons?
    See the video and article after the break to find out! Don't forget to comment, follow, subscribe, and catch us at @HorseNewsMLP and our vids at Horse News TV #horsenewsMLP. For a story, tip, or question, @RealFDuke.

Horse News Presents: The Gauntlet with Jim Miller, MLP Director by

Horse News Presents: The Gauntlet with Jim Miller, MLP Director

Jim'll Nix It.
Written and filmed by Foal Duke, hosted by Chelis and Shellshock

Now then, now then! At HarmonyCon, amidst the bomb threats and alcohol, editor and self-proclaimed God Chelis tried out a new format with French-rugby-midfielder-lookalike Shellshock. Welcome to The Gauntlet.
    Jim Miller, or Big Jim, current director of MLP FIM, was our victim. The rules were simple. Chelis asks Jim the stupidest, cringiest questions ever heard at a con, and he MUST answer.
    If he answers, 1 point. If hIs response makes Chelis laugh or react in shock, 2 points, whether the response contains an answer or not. 1 point for each other person in the room.
    If Jim avoids or fails to answer, Chelis gets 1 point. If Jim tries to be funny but fails to make him laugh, Chelis gets 2 points. If Jim laughs or reacts to a question, Chelis gets 2 points. Again, 1 point per other person Chelis makes laugh.
    As cameraman, I got to judge. Shellshock counted as a spectator. He is the umpire, and will ask any question he feels can move things along.
    Find us at @HorseNewsMLP. The video is below on our channel at #horsenewsmlp.

Team KP Fires team member for discussing "loving parody" with subject of parody they supposedly love by

A member of the "I<3KimPossibleAlot" team member was allegedly fired last week for breaking a nondisclosure agreement by displaying ethical behavior. The animator who will not be named was immediately canned upon revelation that he had approached the subject of an upcoming "parody" to get the original creator's blessing on the project, on behalf of ILoveKimPossible. The subject thought it odd that KP did not approach him directly, or even ever speak to him before this encounter.

Today a "teaser" for the "parody" was released, covered in "Fair Use" disclaimers, echoing what the animator had said himself over a discord chat.

Everybody's free (To Wear Deodorant) by

Bronies and Horsefuckers near the dawn of Season 9:

Wear. Deodorant.

If I could offer you only one tip for the future, deodorant would be it.
The social benefits of deodorant have been proven by normies, whereas the rest of my advice has no basis more reliable than my own meandering experience...
I will dispense this advice now.

The Final February Curse - Friendship is Magic is officially over after Season 9 by

It's official. For real this time. The show's over. Season 9 will officially be the end of the ride for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

6 years after Twilicorn killed us, we're finally dead.

The official announcement reads as such:

"Season 9 will be the last season of Friendship is Magic, but this is definitely not the end for My Little Pony – in fact, it’s just the beginning! As we continue development on our all new CGI movie, we are dedicated to continuing our beloved stories told on multi-platforms and in the coming months we will be able to share our exciting new content plans that promise to entertain and delight our fans in more magical ways than ever before. Stay tuned for updates!"
There is a movie slated for 2021 that will be in CGI, but it's unclear how it will relate to Friendship is Magic.

Big Jim Said This

So here it is guys

One more loop on the friendship coaster then the ejector seats are kicking us off the ride for good

Press F to Pay Respects

Don't you know...you're my very best friends?