Hacker fakes brony's death, gets caught, won't shut up about it

On the morning of Thursday, June 27th, 2019, Horse News received an email from someone named "Constantine B" that read "Brony dead...apparently he passed away last night" accompanied by a collage of photographs of Joey Oropesa aka "PecachPictures" lying in a hospital bed. The word had spread quickly that Joey had passed away, and the brony community was in mourning. Within a few hours though, Joey appeared on a youtube livestream...very much alive, bringing a wave of relief and confusion to the fandom.

So what happened?

Well, a hacker had (according to Joey) allegedly broken into Joey's gmail account, found photos taken by Joey's father of Joey in the hospital bed (for a medical emergency, but not death), and proceeded to create the collage and send it out from the PecachPictures twitter account (which was also hacked) claiming Joey had died.

Who would do such a thing? And why?

Well those questions have since been answered and the alleged suspect - a Singaporean Hacker going by the screen-name "Benedict Ho" - WILL NOT SHUT UP ABOUT IT.

Let's take a look.

Brony Fan VA allegedly sexually harasses child, blames autism

An MLP Fan Voice Actor using the handle "Jestre DeRama"/@Bugstre (real name Zachary according to his pill bottles) has been accused of activity equating to sexual harassment of a minor on Twitter today, following a series of exchanges with user "Buttons"/@creationsoutofe. In the tweets, it is alleged that Jestre, age 29, "smacked" the buttocks of a then-15-year-old girl attending a convention. When confronted about this behavior, Jestre claims he has "poor judgement" due to being "bad at social cues from being on the autism spectrum".

The exchange is chronicled below.

All of this is was revealed after the creator of Lovestruck Derpy and Discorded Whooves announced they were creating a comic featuring a child-adult relationship. Jestre and Jitterbug Jive are collaborators who have done convention appearances together in the past, according to the Trotcon website.

Filly Astray - An Anonfilly Game Not Meant for Filthy Casuals

In the history of the fandom we've seen many video game projects. Some have been killed by Hasbro (RIP PonyKart) before ever seeing the light of day, and some have actually made it all the way to completion and hold a mythical status in the community (like such wholesome games as Banned From Equestria Daily). What may surprise some is to see promising new projects actually showing progress, this late into the history of the show. Meet "Filly Astray", a side-scrolling platformer fan-game that just released a playable 1 level demo this week.

More surprising than this game actually being worked on, is the fact that it's actually fucking awesome. Probably more awesome if you're not a filthy casual when it comes to gaming like myself.

Let's take a look at it.

A Friend in need - Help pay for a fan's medical procedure before it's too late


There are some questions about our world that seem to deny answer. Questions like "why are we here?" or "Why do bad things happen to good people?" or even "Why doesn't the United States have affordable health care?"
While these questions evade comprehension, there is one question we CAN answer: "Is there some way I can help?" The answer is yes, and it can start with one fellow pony-fan's mouth.

Meet Erik. 
He has a disease called "Plastoenamel" (Enamel Hypoplasia). What this means is the protective layer of his teeth is eroding quickly and if it proceeds unchecked he might lose his teeth entirely, and / or cause serious complications, like diseases that can cause brain damage. He needs help quickly so that he can afford the necessary procedure to stop the progression before it gets to that point.

A gofundme has been set up to help cover the cost of the treatment, and other community members have stepped up to provide incentives to get the ball rolling.

If you can please take this chance to help out a friend in need.

Anon finds creative use for MLP Mini Dakis - Photography

An Anon on /mlp/ today asked a simple question: "So what´s the actual point in buying these? You can´t even cuddle with this thing." The 'thing' the anon was referencing is a mini, pocket-sized body-pillow featuring MLP art. A rather creative anon sought to demonstrate the utility of the pint-sized perverted pony pillows personally, pretty phenomenally, posting of photographs posing plastic people propped parallel pillow-side.

Pics below.

Ditherer Fussbudget drops dope bars

11/10, would pirate

Check out his other shit

We Weird Al Now - (Cheese Sandwich Returns in synopsis reveals)

So the final season is wrapping up and some of the last synopsis' have been released. Among the more interesting notes is the return of Cheese Sandwich (Weird Al) and finally getting to see Zecora again. Several of the upcoming episodes have already aired in other countries as well.

Won't be long now.

Fimfiction Group hosts a shitposting contest

Nothing really beats getting paid $100 to shitpost. A FIMFiction group ran by Super Trampoline is hosting what is essentially a shitposting, aka a "Feghoot" contest. Details below.

Historic Lyra Plush Unearthed and Sold

She's baaaaaaaaaack
The fabled Lyra plushie with the rear pocket that can be used to hold fruit has been discovered and purchased by a lucky anon.  So where has this artifact been?

EEnE Slashfics, Interviews, Awkwardness: HarmonyCon Coverage Day 2 and 3

Rolling Pone: Dukie Does Dallas
Ed, Edd and Eddy Slashfics and Awkwardness at  HarmonyCon: Day Two and Three
Foal (Not Raoul) Duke, International Affairs, Addison, Dallas, 08 -10 Feb 2019
There are photos of the con schedule, maps & guests at the end so you know what I refer to.

So, readers, BABSCon has just finished, and I'll be getting onto that shortly, but in the meantime, we have to cover the rest of HarmonyCon, the spiritual successor to Nightmare Nights Dallas, and local con for most of our National Office (the shed behind Capper's hydroponics lab).
    The Saturday saw plenty of fun events, and plenty of awkwardness. Aside from the usual displays of dakimakuras (body pillows for those not educated in the true art form of anime) and other art showing small ponies with huge asses angled toward the viewer for any apprehensive parent to wonder is this safe for work/my kids?, we had some cringe of our own for we were doing...
    It went about as well as you'd think. After the break, read the full thing, with videos!
     #horsenewsmlp #ponytv

Pic by @teaandstrumpet