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If you're reading this, you survived the holiday AND this month's shitstorm. Good for you! HN was happy to open our inbox and discover mail that wasn't telling us we were going to be stabbed and force-fed our own scrotums for the first time in 3 days. Instead we found a press release from Everfree Northwest for a $10 off coupon for 2015 badges. You can read that below.

Happy Hearths Warming from Everfree Northwest and $10 Badge Coupon Code

From the staff here at Everfree Northwest to you, we wish you a Happy Holidays and a Merry Hearths Warming!

In the spirit of the season EFNW is now offering a $10 coupon code on ALL our badge tiers for our 2015 convention! That’s right, this discount works on our Patron and Sponsor badge tiers. Use promo code HEARTHSWARMING in the promo code section of our registration page ( . This code will provide the discount until December 29

Once more, Happy Holidays and a Merry Hearths Warming!

(art by ZeroKD <> )

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