No "Best Show" poll this year. Pony Fans lose chance to annoy Dr. Who fans...or have they?

We've been waiting patiently for weeks in the off-chance that maybe they just rescheduled it. But unfortunately, it appears there will be no "Best Show" poll on this year, nor will there be a "Best Fans" poll either. 

It has become a staple of the Fall and Winter months for MLP fans to go forth and dominate any polls that arise under any means necessary. For 2 years running, My Little Pony has dominated the "Best of" polls for each year in any category in which it appears, blowing out the competition by literally millions of ballots. 

These coordinated poll-strikes notoriously caused prolific amounts of butthurt from every other fandom who didn't stand a chance, but none perhaps as much as the Whovians, when they were blown out by MLP in the "Best Fans" poll on 2 years ago.

In order for the Dr Who fans to actually win one of the polls, TV Guide had to hold one without MLP even being on the ballot.

It appears though, that both of these traditions have gone the way of the dinosaur, as neither, nor TV Guide are holding either poll this year, eliminating all chance of inter-fandom rage. Or so we would think. It appears that Santa Claus brought us a present, in the form of a name-drop on the Dr. Who Christmas special. 

Oh yes. This will do nicely.

Thanks Santa.

Comments (5)

  1. Horsefuckers claim eternal victory over Whovians for having best show.
    All other fandoms is a shit

  2. All I can say is that Doctor Who's canon is way more fucked up than the poni canon.

  3. I still wait for the day when Time Turner/Doctor Hooves get a cameo or shoutout in a Doctor Who episode.

    The butthurt will be delicious.

  4. Yes! The victory is delicious!

  5. That was a delicious Dr Who shout out to whoovian butthurt.