Spain Gets New "Equestria Girls 3: Friendship Games" shorts before the English versions are even released.

Inauguration Day, or at least what I think it says.
>inb4 no hooves

Since I'm not at Bronycon with the rest of Horse-News getting trashed on all sorts of ill shit having fun, why not scour the interwebs for things that hasn't been announced yet? Such as this new Equestria Girls short that, as of now, has not been released in English, but in Castilian Spanish (Sorry Mexico, your Latino dub has been falling short by it's counterpart as of late.) 

There's a ton of these that have been released in only the Spanish dub, and quite frankly I have little to no clue as to what they're saying, but it looks somewhat interesting. If anyone can provide translations or at least a general overview of what's going on, that would be much appreciated. I'm sure sometime soon we'll get the original English versions out, but from what I understand, those are on a weekly one-by-one release that starts... well, who knows? It seems Spain jumped the gun and decided to just dump all their EQG3 shorts at once. Thanks to MLP Multilanguages for the uploads.

"Día Inaugural" - Inauguration Day



"En el amor y los juegos de la amistad todo vale" - Google translate tells me this one is, "In love and friendship games, anything goes." We'll go with "All is fair in love and games," or something.

"Pinkie Pie la espía" - "Pinkie Pie the Spy."

And of course, the one we've already seen in English released about a week ago, "La cienca de la magia" - "The Science of Magic."

What do you guys think of these so far? Impressed? Don't care? Found a new waifu?

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  1. Pinkie Pie the spy, suddenly has me thinking of Furry Force.

    Vivisector: Ew......ew ew ew.

    1. Well, they were spying near a parking lot.

  2. now we're talking in español! greaaaaat! i love español!

    see? ¡me gustan los tacos calientes! ¡ricos! ¡salsaaaaaaaaa! ¡si señor!