Day Zero Photo Dump

On the road to safe haven

More pics below!

Camden Street

Con goers go on Con street

Getting ready for the date

The face of a hero

Absolute Euphoria

Remember, no pony

Dr. Wolf prepares to steal art

Welcome to hell

The vile pit of decadence and degeneracy

#OC #Shoes # Justponythings

All the badges

Work slaves work!

Blue team is that way?

Rarifag harasses someone #1

Blarfnugle rants about systematic racism; no one cares.

This is your home now

Drop a molly and I'm sweatin' (plz gib)

Rarifag got lost


Rarifag harasses someone #2


Comments (5)

  1. Awesome wish I could have come. :(

  2. *that last picture*

    Why the long face?

  3. Hey faggot, learn to put a break in your post so I don't have to scroll through all these pictures on the main page.

  4. I made it late to the convention because of the heavy traffic at the Delaware Bridge.