Hasbro shows more music videos than MTV in one day. Also review

>fandom's fw
With their only two songwriters set to board a plane to San Francisco in less than a few days, the folks behind Equestria Girls and its sequel Equestria Girls: >no hooves Rocks! have released three new music videos with new songs to keep hype levels to the max going into premiere weekend.

Friendship Through the Ages

As the name suggests, its a song about not only friendship surviving the test of time, but a nice trip down the different music from day's past. From classical twilight

Fluttershy referencing "The Sound of Music"

Rarity on LSD, or "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band".

Rainbow Dash tapping into her inner Joan Jett

Applejack and country.


And it ends with Pinkie Pie and New Wave. 

There was tons of music references that was not cancer, including one of the best bands in music History: Queen.

Life is a Runway

There's a reason Rarity is called "fashion horse", it what she sleeps, what she breathes, what she eats, and what she shits: fashion and fashion accessories. This song nailed that well-known quirk of hers in the head, with Rarity not shy about getting flirty.

Or doing that

Bye Felecia

Or... looking like that 

The song by itself felt like it could have been a hit single by Madonna, because of a "Vogue" like feel to it.

If the topic of fashion, or making yourself pretty isn't your thing, there is the animation, which compared to the first movie has really improved.

But seriously though: How cute was Rarity's smile at the end of the song

My Past is not Today

First off, Sunset's wardrobe change is too cute, and the only EQG design that isn't ruined by those damned knee high boots. 

The song is well sung, has a deep message about not letting one's path defy you, which would be a good message overall. also sunset "mai waifu" shimmer, because why the fuck not.

Again, the animators have gotten better at the >no hooves game, and if it is any indication of season 5: it will be better animated than (insert any cartoon network show here)

One thing that was wanky was the running animation, the animators still have a lot more tinkering and trial and error to get it down. 

Overall, if the hype train was not on full speed ahead, it sure as shit is now.

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  1. My penis has been jacking off to sunset shimmer all night.

  2. Wow, looks bretty gud

  3. Are you feeling alright, Chelis? Your writing didn't seem to follow in-house >HN style guidelines by being snarky and bitchy as fuck.

    You actually seemed to LIKE these videos with genuine sincerity. That's strike one, buck-o.

  4. Brilliant! And in life is a runway do love the derpy look.

  5. Holy shit, that was actually pretty good. What are these for? DVD special features? Equestria Girls 3 teasing? Or was this just Studio B's apology for Anderson's holiday special? If so, I'll take it. The shorts weren't exactly amazing, but these music videos I think are a worthy follow-up to the movie.

  6. Shit, I'm starting to warmp up to EQG.

    That phoenix shimmer is pretty awesome.

  7. Good animation or not,it 's still a shitty Monster High rip off with a dull overused plot in a high school cliché fest, with unfortunate implications thanks to sloppy writing (Flash falling in love with basically a horse inb4 hurr durr horsefucka) and pop gimmick song,choke full of pandering (Oh look Trixie,oh look Derpy have a muffin ) to divert your attention from the still born plot and music that soulessly imitate the latest Top 20 trends
    Saying EQG got good animation is saying a turd is covered in chocolate cream,the turd may look good but it's still utter,soulless corporate shit

    1. you're looking at this the wrong way: this means more porn.

      porn is love, porn is life

    2. Alltheseflavours.jpg

  8. They are all advertisments for the Rainbow Rocks hair styling dolls, the "Friendship Through the Ages" one features the whole Rocking Hairstyle doll series.

  9. >forgetting the "Music" tag
    What the fuck am I even paying you guys for?