MLP Adult Diapers for sale

Well they arrived just in time. Now I don't have to worry about the long trip out to California.
>9 sold
There are at least 9 people in the world who are wearing these.
Read the description below.

"Finally!  A fully functional all in one incontinent diaper with the Extra Padding you desire!

Channel your inner toddler and be safe from accidents at the same time!

SMALL, 28-36 inch waist
MED,30-40 inch waist
LARGE,36-50 inch waist
XL, 42-52 inch waist 

This reusable, All In One undergarment is made of the highest quality materials including 4 layers of ZORB for superior absorbency. ZORB is made of non-allergenic fibers that are durable and easy to sanitize. It absorbs 10x its weight in just seconds and will move the moisture quickly to another area of the pad rather than pooling in one place.

PUL is known for its excellent leak protection and softness to the touch. The diapers are adjustable using Velcro with fold-in tabs for easy laundering. The hidden elastic at the back and around the legs provides a good snug fit and since it is not sewn through the outer layers of the diaper, it will not cause a wicking (leak-thru) problem.

Extra padding sealed behind the water proof PUL layer adds the soft bunchy quality to give you that toddler waddle you crave!

The Alova suede fabric, that is against your skin, wicks liquid away rapidly into the zorb layer. With this All In One diaper, you have the convenience of a disposable but you just throw it into the washer and dryer so the expense is greatly reduced over time."

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  1. I wish this wasn't real.

  2. >'Resuable'

  3. Hassle-free returns, eh?
    Some people take that as a challenge.

  4. Please tell me this is an April Fool's joke.

  5. That fabric should be used for pillow cases, bed sheets and hospital scrubs, not these...

    1. funny story, i have pillowcases made from this same fabric.

  6. argh, once again they aren't making these in sizes to fit the more corpulent brony. wtf?

  7. the small is too big for me...


    You brought this upon yourself!

  9. No joke, these thing are fucking real go google yourself.

  10. Gonna get the other mlp cloth diaper. I like the graphic better.

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