Soft Confirmation of Dragon-related Episode

IDW Comics MLP "Friends Forever #14" was recently released, featuring a Dragon Town in Fillydelphia, full of humanoid non-violent dragons living together in an urban landscape. Including a female one that some reason. Once you get past the glaring error in canon (Twilight Sparkle not having a single book in her expansive library about dragons because they are too dangerous to study), and the #NotAllDragons tumblr-style soapboxing, you have a detective story where spike gets treated like crap again until he saves the day for a twelfth time.

And once you get past THAT, you get word that dragons will be returning to the show in this manner...depending who you believe.

An IDW forum user named redfields asked IDW editor Bobby Curnow

"So adult dragons looking like humanoid creatures (like teenagers in Dragon Quest) and China town looking district was not just a design choice of an artist but is actually explored in tv show?"

Bobby Curnow Responded:

"A combination of both, yes."

This implies, yet again, that the comics are receiving direction from Hasbro about what to do and what not to do, in order to coordinate with future episodes. Many believe this implies that there will be a dragon town in a season 5 episode.

Unless you ask Big Jim who has adopted the ongoing stance of "I KNOW NOTHING", while simultaneously shooting down information that has been accepted as official, such as the titles of the first 2 episodes of season 5.


We return you to your hiatus, already in progress.

Where were you when Hasbro posted /mlp/ memes on their facebook?

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  1. /mlp/ meme maybe, but it's also the image on some trading cards issued back in isn't new.

    1. No it's not.
      Completely different image

  2. The Facebook post:

  3. browsing cancerbook.
    didn't even notice it was the meme, just a regular vector

  4. So I don't want to shit on anyone's hair rant, but that dragon with the blonde hair in that clip totally has blond hair.

  5. Well, since the comic people are given direct orders to not contradict the show... WE CAN STILL HOPE...

    ... and when all hope is lost, I guess we can dream or something.