Lee Tockar back on the scene

Well it's about damn time that Lee Tockar started making more convention appearances. According to a press release sent to us by Everfree Northwest, he'll be coming to Seattle in May. He's a total bro as we understand so definitely somebody you want to meet.

Words below.

  Greetings, you Fabulous Fillies and Gentlecolts!

Please put your hooves together for Lee Tockar, who makes his return to Everfree
Northwest! To us pony people, Lee is certainly best known for his roles as the
mischievous Snips and the sorrowful sea serpent, Steven Magnet. Did you also
know he was Spot, the diamond dog? In addition to Friendship is Magic, Lee has
lent his voice to several of DHX’s other series, such as Littlest Pet
Shop and George of the Jungle, the latter earning him the 2008 Electronic
Animation Award for Best Male Voice Artist. Anime fans will remember him for his
numerous roles in Deathnote, InuYasha, and Monster Rancher, just to name a few.
Lee’s talents are hardly limited to the voice booth. Lee is also an
extraordinary illustrator and painter, whose fantastical works provoke the
imagination in strange, beautiful ways. So everypony, please give a warm welcome
back to the one and only, the simply marvelous Lee Tockar!

Want to come to Seattle, WA to join the fun? Be sure to register now to qualify
for our pre-reg badge price and book your hotel room now at our special rate
before they’re sold out! Remember, the convention is May 29-31 only about three
months away!

Be sure to check out Mr Tockar’s website at www.leetockar.com

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(Artwork by the amazing Dana “Pedantia” Simpson )[You should really check out
her work]

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  1. I just saw some of his paintings and I have to admit, they are pretty damn good.

    1. Indeed. I hung out with him for a little bit at Canterlot Gardens and we just talked about art, mostly. He's a great guy.