Screening Party Details Leaked for BABScon

In a series of what appears to be leaked emails, the details of BABScon's Season 5 Premier Party have been revealed, including the "how" and "where".

/mlp/ will be sequestered to our own viewing room, so as not to disturb the children, which ensures this will be the best premier experience ever.

The details confirm that the event will be legal and not pirated as some others raised concerns earlier.
Text below.
The message reads as follows

Ponyville Live, on BABSCon's behalf, has negotiated with DiscoveryFamily and Hasbro, the officially licensed airing of both Season 5 premier episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic at 8am PDT Saturday April 4th. 

We will be using commercial free screener copies of both episodes. 

It is our wish to utilize both the mane events hall and the 3 panel rooms to accommodate the large number of people who will want to see the episodes including all attendees (last year we had 2300), every vendor, staff, press and anyone off the street. No BABSCon membership will be required to view the showing and will be free for everyone.

There is the possibility that the panel rooms will house different types of people such as, kids only, or /mlp/. 

There is also a possibility that an executive from Discovery Family will come down for a Q&A immediately following the episode, however this is not confirmed. 

Outside of a select few people this is the first time most of you will hear of this including department heads. Nothing this big has happened at a pony con ever. It is our job to make the most of it. I want each and every person to talk about this with everyone they know. This is not a secret. It is public. 

Details will be finalized tonight following the department heads meeting. 

I'm very excited for this opportunity and remember: It can happen, only at BABSCon!

Comments (17)

  1. BronyCon is still better!

    1. I wonder what bronycon will do to top this...

    2. >Toxic Mario will be here shortly to refute you and suck BABSCon's cock a bit more
      What the hell did I miss?

    3. Who the fuck is toxic mario?

    4. This guy what does pony comics.

    5. Go home, imjoshdean, you are drunk(er).

  2. All the conventions!

  3. Gentlemen the day is fast approaching. I don't know if you realize this but we have been granted a chance to stamp our collective mark on history this April the Fourth. Babscon has the honor of ending the longest hiatus like no other. Even a representative executive of the very network that broadcasts our beloved show will be making a appearance.

    So we must prepare for this event like no other. Now I would like to now list that should be considered essential if not standard attire and items for any gentleman planning to attend this event. A hat, a cold caffeinated beverage, a bag of corn chips snack food, your newest mlp shirt, an official product of your waifu or husbando, a freshly cleaned and pressed pants and jacket, and finally and most importantly a complete and utter lack of fucks.

    And I dont mean literal Fucks. I'm talkin.....mentally. I'm talking the negativity,and scorn you have ever had to endure for being a fan of this show. Because on the Fourth of April is pony day, and it's on that day your not the odd man out for once.

    So whether your chosen mode of transportation is by air, train, or car I hope I see you at babs in time and in one piece.

    Good luck

  4. Go fuck yourself, Capper. No gives a shit about your autistic con so go shill somewhere else, faggot.

  5. >/mlp/ will be sequestered to our own viewing room, so as not to disturb the children, which ensures this will be the best premier experience ever.

    now i really wish i wasn't born on brazil...

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