Hot-to-Trot Mares Looking for Horse Fuckers at BronyCon

Twin mares just happen to be in town for BronyCon and are looking for a "lucky stallion to join our rodeo."  They did what any sane pony would do and took their request to craigslist (UPDATE: the post has since been removed, but the screencap above shows the original).

I personally spoke with the two and they assured me they have not yet found the right "gentlesir" to inflame their "spaghetti passions."  I, for one, would gladly have given it a go but for the whole riding crop thing.  Are you man enough, Anon?  More pics after the break.

"no size matters... except that of your heart"

"We are both JRHNBR and we'd love to tolerate you tonight ~"

Also, if you'd like to meet the real Twifag in person at BronyCon, just keep an eye out for a faggot running around with a "Twifriend" ribbon on below their badge.  That'll be me!  Hope to see you there!

Comments (12)

  1. uhhhh did they happen to have a pic of the riding crop?

  2. Please respond

  3. She needs to show her tits first or no deal.

  4. That feel when you know what JRHNBR stands for without having to look it up... ;_;

    1. That's the feeling of accomplishment my good gentle-sir. *tips fedora*

  5. Requesting follow-up on the twins and their search for someone to tolerate

  6. "Do you two know any more attractive mares? I like my waffles... blue"