Chinese Bootleg Pony Sex Dolls return - Now with Twilight and Pinkie Pie!

After the Sexy Rainbow Dash doll from Hongyi toys was taken down, we assumed the worst. We figured that the Chinese bootleg factory got Hasbro'd out of existence permanently. We were wrong. Tonight we were sent 3 new links for 2 brand new products from the blow-up bootleggers. Anthro Pinkie Pie and Twlight Sparkle, complete with genitals this time.

We can't tell if that's the same smiling sweatshop worker from the Rainbow Dash post, but the outfit does look familiar. It's definitely the same factory. Why he doesn't have shoes, is probably best left to the imagination.

The Pinkie Pie doll is posed...apparently mid-orgasm, and comes fully nude...except for stockings.

And what's that we see? Yes folks, the Chinese took all your comments to heart, and installed what appears to be a functioning vagina on this one.

Where have we seen Twilight's hairstyle before?

Oh, right.

The dolls are every bit as tall as the previous model, with Twilight evidently taller than Pinkie Pie. 
They're really doing their homework.

Except for that face.


Upon closer inspection, the Twilight Doll has what appears to be..a fleshlight embedded between her monstrous thighs.

Additionally, Pinkie Pie is a considerable bargain compared to Rainbow Dash or Twilight, coming in at a mere $20 a piece if you order in bulk, or $250 for one. Each is 1.8 meters tall, making them human-size.

We can only wait in anticipation to see if they complete the mane-6 set.

Also looks like they're expanding into actual ponies

Comments (11)

  1. Geez Horse News pick up your game
    These have been a thing for over a month

    1. They were too busy copypasting press releases from stupid cons.

  2. Oh come on, we're better than that as a fandom, we have great artists and great creators enjoying this show.
    We deserve some show accurate pony sex dolls instead.

    1. Remember we still have the Lyra plushie to fall back on.

  3. Here's hoping hasbro puts a stop to this stupidity. block the stuff at the docks and shred it.

  4. Where the fuck is my Harshwhinny? I want to cuddle a professional.

  5. Only $20 you say?

  6. The Rainbow Dash at the bottom is the only one I would even consider having sex with.

  7. seriously I don't care about this shit

    I wanna read the article about why capper is sucking purple tranny's tranny dong and not writing about the taoofmaud situation

  8. I'd be embarrassed to own a blow-up doll. If I needed a sex doll, I'd go big or go home and buy a Real Doll.