My Little Lubricants - Edible and Coming Soon

It's been a few weeks since we first heard the proposal. Tonight, we saw the second coming of Lube guy, a representative of a company which has been developing cartoon-horse-inspired personal edible lubricants. Lube Guy returned to /mlp/ to disseminate some updates, including the above photo of the "Twilightly Lavender" Pony Up! Personal Lubricant. We actually had a chance to talk with Lube Guy, whose name is actually Joe,  about the product, which he says is coming to Etsy likely before the Season 5 premier.
Joe informs us that the lubricant is edible, being derived from natural ingredients common to other industry-standard lubricants. We're told it has been tested internally on males only thusfar, but has been PH balanced for greater vaginal safety, should a consumer choose to use it for that manner.

The group of 3 creators is based out of Florida, and are fans of the show themselves. "Stallion based versions may be on the horizon, depending on how well this initial run sells." Joseph tells us.

Here is the message Joe sent to /mlp/ this evening:

Hello again 4chan, A company I work with is in the process of making a line of personal lubricants based on colorful ponies. Some of you may have seen my previous thread where we asked you if you would buy this product. With the resounding yes from this area as well as from other groups, we have decided to go through with the project.
We are getting closer to finishing the testing phase and may begin to sell our product soon.
We're now posting here to thank you for helping us in our endeavor as well as update you on a few changes that have been made to our line.
I've attached a photo of the design our whole line of products will have, I hope you like it.
The flavors are as follows.
Twilightly Lavender is purple, and smells of soothing lavender.
Shyly Butterscotch is yellow, with sweet butterscotch flavor.
Cowgirl Apple is orange with the fragrant apple flavor.
Rainbow Berry Blue is blue and tastes like a mix of delicious berries.
Rarest Vanilla is light purple and tastes of decadent vanilla.
Bubblegum Party Pink is pink and is a lively bubblegum.
We've blurred the image as we've been told that this website is rather strict on it's advertising policies.

Joseph tells us that the group is waiting only on shipping materials to arrive, but the lube is ready to go. They will be marketing 2oz containers through this Etsy.

This will go nicely with our BABScondoms.

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  1. First for cumming inside Rainbow Dash.

  2. I want the lavender because Twily is best pony. Also IWTCITS

  3. For fuck sake, this kind of shit isn't going to help our already bad image.

    You want lube, go buy the million other brands already out there.

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    2. Our "image"? What are you, some kind of faggot?

    3. For fuck sake, Mark, why do you have to be such a faggot?

    4. What are you? A fag? Get out. Or "image" was destroyed when bronies became a thing.

    5. I don't think the image can get any more clear as it is already.

  4. I want this.....for reasons. Also ten bucks for lube is pretty sweet.

  5. Edible and a lubricant? Butter. Flavored? Chocolate butter. Need something horse flavored? Butter with Tesco bacon. No need to thank me for saving you shekels.

  6. can you actually eat this

  7. I desperately want to drink it. I want to take that whole bottle and gulp it down like it's refined marejuice.

    I think there's something wrong with me.

  8. edible lubes are just so you can still do oral afterwards without having to wash the lube off.