ManeFrameRadio looking for talent

Mane-Frame Radio (a show on Ponyville Live) is seeking talent.
If you're interested, send your application here.
Word is that PVL will be absorbing some new content as well, soon enough.
Read words after the line thing.

Mane-Frame Radio is looking for new talent! Mane-Frame Radio is looking to add on new talent as we continue to grow, we’re looking for podcasters, DJ’s, Forum managers, gamers, artists and more! Check out the open positions and contact with your name, position you’re applying for and your past experiences (If you have any). MFR is on PVL! Mane-Frame Radio is proud to be a part of the pony world's leading multimedia network!

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  1. I am very good at being a talentless hack. Will that count as a talent?

    1. Everfree Network is closed, anon.

    2. Hahaha! What a great post!
      Well meme'd my friend.

    3. welcome to horse news, you're our newest editor!

  2. I can shitpost really well, does that mean I can get in?