Top 50 Pony Music Countdown and EFNW Charity Auction Announcements

It's New Years Eve which means a few things. Firstly it means that there are mere hours left on the lifespan of a certain website. Additionally it means all sorts of end-of-the-year shenanigans, and that I don't feel like posting multiple press releases individually. So here we have 2 press releases, one from PonyToast with his "Top 50 Pony Music Countdown" and EFNW's Charity Auction Announcements.


Ponytoast Press Release:

The time has come! Less than 24 hours until PonyToast's Top 50 Pony Music Countdown 2014!
Over 10,000 votes went into this year's race, so many that we had to run two rounds to narrow down finalists. Also, we're totally trying to raise money for Bronies for good. Donate, or use the hashtag #PonyTop50 on Twitter to be entered for the drawing to win cool prizes like art, collectible cards, and even a mini twilight sparkle plushie!

Tune in December 31, 2014 from around 1pm to 7pm EST (6pm-midnight GMT) as your host, the man they call Toast, counts them down onPonyville Live's Fillydelphia Radio!

EFNW Press release:

Everfree Northwest is now accepting donations for our 2015 Charity Auction!
Each year the EFNW convention holds a charity auction to benefit the Seattle Children’s Hospital. Over the past three years we have raised over $75,000 for charity and during out 2014 auction we raised ~$40,000. That star of the show was an amazing quilt, collaborated upon by 34 artists, that sold for a whopping $20,000! Each time we are simply floored by the creativity and generosity of the My Little Pony community. Well everypony, we are now ready to accept donations for our 2015 Charity Auction!

If you have an item you wish to donate please visit the Charity page on our website and fill out a donation form at

The deadline for pre-con donations is May 15th, 2015, two weeks before the convention. At-con donations will be accepted as well.

While it will be hard to top our 2014 Charity Auction, we’re going to try our very best! We hope you’ll help us make the 2015 Auction the most spectacular one yet!

Don’t forget to check out our website and forums and be sure to follow us on TwitterFacebooktumblrdeviantART, and FIMFiction!

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  1. What is with America and trying to legitimize everything with donation drives and charity?

  2. It makes us feel good. Don't question it.

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