The Hub's days are numbered - new info about Discovery Family

As the Hub as we know it, enters its final 10 days of existence, new information about the replacement, a shallow husk of its former self is coming to light. Earlier today the site "Nick And More" released the above image of the new logo, along with information regarding the new lineup.

The new Discovery Family Twitter has also been discovered, clearly still under construction.

The biggest blow came to those who were fans of Dan Vs. - one of the few original programs that launched alongside pony back in 2010, and was featured with numerous crossover promotions. To this day, Dan is still included in many pony fan animations. Dan, as it seems, is dead. For good.

 Two shows are out: Dan Vs. and Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch’s morning showing (it’ll still air at 2pm). For example, Jem and the ’80s G.I. Joe will now air in the 5am hour and Family Game Night will air at 8:30am. Pony fans can breath easy as My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic will air from 10:30am-noon and 3:30-5pm.

My Little Pony will be taking the "Spongebob Approach" to the new network, saturating a full 3 hours of the 12 hour Hasbro-controlled timeslot. Even in 12 hours, Hasbro has no plans to give any time to Dan.

 Just like the Library, the Hub Logo, a tertiary facet of the pony fandom since the very beginning, is going to be taken away from us before season 5 even begins. Many fans have begun mourning.

Goodbye Dan. Goodbye Hub.

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  1. He didnt deserve this shit, a lot of cartoon in the last 3 years didnt deserve this shit.

    Dan will live forever on my "JERK" t-shirt.

  2. The only thing I want to know if the Discovery logo will be as big-ass during shows as the Hub one was.

  3. >Not posting the "We'll miss you Hub logo" thread

  4. >Just like the Library, the Hub Logo, a tertiary facet of the pony fandom since the very beginning, is going to be taken away from us before season 5 even begins.

    Soon we can expect anons posting about how the loss of the Hub logo means Lauren's vision is ruined forever, followed by the inevitable petition to Hasbro to get the old logo back. The FimFiction feature box will also be filled with stories about Twilight crying over its loss and then creating a new logo. But we will get some decent art and a legitimately funny parody or two out of the whole affair, so it'll all be okay.

  5. This was all Princess Twilight Sparkle's fault, you know she is a nerd after all. The first decree of the princess is to have everyone watch an educational show for at least 1 hour to 2 hours a day. XD

  6. Pony is getting a new dad.
    RIP Dad ;_;

  7. Oh look nothing about the show about from the company logo that appears and has nothing to do with it whatsoever is going to change.
    Lets have an autisism fest over it.

  8. Goodnight DAn....sweet "jerk" prince.

    What you lacked in social skills and trust you more than made up for in heart and sheer effort.

    Hub, we will fondly remember you as the one thing that changed us, from being saturated with shovelware level cartoons to having a multitude of shows ( MLP:FIM being most significant) that brought smiles to our faces and warmth into our hearts. A dream deffered.....RIP.

  9. Oh Dan, you magnificent asshole, you'll be always missed

  10. I'm sure the logo will be more presentable as they have time to experiment with it.

    But Dan...

    No longer can he cum inside our hearts. </3

  11. Fuck this shit. Dan will continue to live on through us! I say, we make more Dan animations to piss off The Man. They won't give us what we want? Then we'll stick it to those money-grubbing lefty Jews who'd sell their own people up the river. Fuck 'em! Dan WILL continue. No matter how many C&D's you throw at us, we'll use Parody and Fair Use laws to counter your copyright and Intellectual Property cop outs!

    Remember, fellow horsefuckers and Dan Vs. fans. The Electronic Frontier Foundation and the ACLU and many other First Amendment organizations are our friends. Let's stick it to Hasjew for fucking us over and depriving us of Dan Vs. and sticking MLP in the shitter because of Meghan McCarthy's money-grubbing scumbaggary.

  12. The Dan vs. greentext...