"Why Bronies Masturbate" and other new videos - Adequate Hype edition

Over the last few days, we've seen several new videos that are...."thought provoking" at the very least. We've decided to spotlight them here for you. Up top we have ShelDog's "Why Bronies Masturbate To Ponies" video. Yeah. That's a real video. Check out the other shit below.

That above video is interesting, of course there is a much simpler testimonial video that explains it just as well.

But anyways what's next...

This one is from JHaller, who certainly doesn't need any help promoting his own videos, but the source material is relevant to our interests. Learn about the inner workings of "#PonyGate" in this one.

Oh yeah, there's a new Rainbow Rocks trailer I guess. That's kinda important.

If Trixie doesn't win this thing we riot. But who cares about all that?

>yfw Equestria Primates is going to be better than Equestria Girls
Petirep and FiMFlam knocking this shit out out of the park


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  1. Thanks to the first video, now the people who doesn't know those web sites, knows

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  3. A year from now, bloody wars will be fought over which is better:

    Equestria Primates,

    or Horse Women?

    1. I only saw a little of horse women, and didn't care to see anymore of it. But this teaser for Equestria Primates? I am fucking amped.

  4. This video was really well-researched and did a great job of explaining the phenomenon of romantic and sexual attraction to all kinds of fictional characters, not just MLP, to the uninitiated. I also appreciate that he approached cofactors like anxiety and social dysfunction gently and without anger, reproach, or disdain.

    I would have added more info to the influence of "estrogen markers" as well, which he touched on regarding full breasts and thighs. Add glossy hair, clean, unblemished skin, large, expressive eyes, wide smiles, and the like...the "cuteness" traits men are drawn to when selecting mates.

    Combined with their fully fleshed-out personalities and mature daily jobs (for so-called children's characters) directing the weather (Dash), veterinary work ('Shy), haute couture (Rarity), horticulture (AJ), and advanced education (Twi's magic), it can be better understood that fans who are infatuated with the ponies see them, as I heard once, as "young adult women in pastel pony costumes".

    Again, this analysis reads true to me, at least. And there are much worse fetishes in this world that a person can fall prey to that yanking it to drawings. The key to managing it is to exercise moderation and decorum and remember that the outside world is full of other worthwhile pursuits.

  5. The fucking Jokermort. Thought he was turned into a pony, but that's a pleasant surprise.

  6. I am so hype for Equestria Primates.

  7. Wow this fandom isn't child friendly or pg at all.