/mlp/ Participating in Ved's 1.04 Invitational

In about 1 bong (at 4pm EST, 8pm for Brits), /mlp/ managed by famous Captain-enthusiast Background Pony will be playing in an invitational hosted by Horse News's very own Based Ved. The stream can be found here at his Twitch or here at his Hitbox. Mulp's first match is against /hr/, the 2014 Summer Cup Silver Medalists. Find match updates and fixtures below!

This cup will be one of many invitationals before and after that will test 1.04 settings in PES14, an attempt to fix the 1.12 errors had with the semen-slurping Summer Cup. Similar cups such as one hosted by new /sp/ manager Art Vandelay had /mlp/ winning the 3rd place trophy, against /s/, from a 90+' >rape goal.

The fucking game is sentient at this point why do we even need more competitions.

Match Results:

Round of 16
Putin unable to remove gays, Bearforce invades Russia for a 34' goal and Moot officially kills Poland. /hm/ wins 1-0

>The Museum of /art/
Chads got stuffed in their own lockers when a striker-less /r9k/ proved that even though the robot is kill, their NO GOALS PERMITTED policy isn't. /r9k/ wins 2-1

Science? What is it all about? Not winning, that is. An early goal from "The Nose Guy" capped with one of Doom Paul's patented Happenings kept Rowan's boys in the competition, and the leagues of /pol/ fans kept the Hitbox in the top 10. /pol/ wins 2-0

An early goal from Emma Watson can't stop the hype train, and DrBorisG's long-streak of choking while ahead continues against the ponis. /mlp/ wins 2-1

"What could possibly go wrong?"Stacy's Mom asks as she load's up Bubsy 2. /vr/ wins 2-0

Even when they're up, big brother /co/ can't keep it together. The spirit of The Flush is alive and well in the team, with or without Tucker. /trv/ wins on Benuldies

The five-forward formation actually fucking worked. GG Qin. /biz/ wins on Benuldies

Not even /d/ is safe from the >gold defender. An own-goal from /y/ is less a saving grace and more a consolation prize.

Quarter Finals
The no-striker formation of /r9k/ makes Bearforce's boys slip on their on spaghetti. Perhaps NO GOALS PERMITTED is the new meta for this competition. /r9k/ wins 2-0

/pol/ and /mlp/, the eternal rivalry, continued into an ET-required /pol/ win. With a comeback imminent, /mlp/ were unable to stop the Nazis, and were reminded that Die Flut Kommt. /pol/ wins 4-3

A tied-up match finally turned /vr/'s gloriously-blendered way with a late goal from >Filters and Doomguy. Some stream lag prevented goal-hungry Couchsurfer Rapist from showing off a potential comeback, but it was a strong showing all around for both teams. /vr/ wins 3-2

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  1. Huh, the way this pic framed in the Facebook post...

    1. Heh, I was thinking the same thing.

  2. Thanks for the heads-up, you gigantic faggot, you.

  3. No, /sci/, I was rooting for you. ;_;7

    Well, at least it was vs /pol/. Could have been worse.