Pro Wrestler joins the pony fold

We do love when the most random of celebrities are added to "the big list" of famous people who are also fans of pastel horses. Especially when those names incite large amounts of butthurt from their respective fans, who even nearly half a decade later, are still somehow ponyphobic. Today, we add a former WWE Heavyweight Wrestling World Champion to that list.
Dolph Ziggler  made the tell-tale tweet this morning, enraging hundreds of his macho-man fans, that know him best as being the two-time WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT WRESTLING CHAMPION. Just another addition to the "masculinity" debate that continues to smolder on to this day.

He is not the first tough guy in tights to take to the talking horses though.

Many remember the John Cena monologue paraphrasing the rarity whining scene. Others remember this "diary entry" by Big E Langston.

How many other brony wrasslers are waiting in the wings? Maybe more than we would expect.
We'll keep our ears open.

Thanks for the tip Roy.

Comments (6)

  1. Just when we thought Hearse Nudes was ded this comes along and changes everything.

  2. People still care when a celebrity reveals his power level? I thought that was a 2012/2013 thing.


    ...Oh, sorry, thought I was on /v/ for a moment. Nevermind.

  4. Xavier Woods was also caught in the old school "brony" shirt a while back.

  5. Well that's pretty fantastic. Dolph is a character and a half even outside the ring so I'm not sure if he actually watched it, but Xavier Woods is an unabashed nerd and he does hang out with Big E a lot, so I wouldn't be surprised if one of them was a fan and got the other into it or if they both were. Actually come to think of it a lot of guys in the wrestling scene are surefire candidates for fandoms. Case in point, Cody Rhodes's not-so-secret Metal Gear and Zelda fanboy status.

  6. Ziggler as a horsefag? Well, that's surprising.