ComicCon Panel Key Points

For those of you who are foolish enough to loyal and appreciated fans and consider Horse News your first and only source of news, we figured we'd satiate your appetites for accurate, up-to-the-minute, reliable news by posting some of the key points from the San Diego ComicCon Horse Panel.

Season 5

First, it would seem as if there is an episode based around the concept of Princess Luna having a nightmare. I'm sure this will be pretty basic and predictable, as it will likely be solved by Princess Luna entering Princess Luna's nightmare and giving her some key guidance as to how she can overcome her fears as she did with Scootaloo. Step up your game, writing staff!
Checkmate, Larson!
We've also learned that Rainbow Dash will be getting an entire solo song.  Our official Horse News tarot reader "inside source" has informed us that Rainbow Dash will sing a rousing rendition of "Eye of the Tiger" as she goes through her training montage as she attempts to defeat Apollo Creed Big "Little" Mac in a boxing match for charity.
Nigga stole my waifu
Next, we've heard that there will be an episode centering on the Pie family, including Maud.  There are also some unconfirmed rumors that Weird Al will be returning for an episode.  My personal guess is that these two will be combined.  Cheese Sandwich will go with Pinkie to the family farm in order to ask her father's permission to marry her.  A series of shenanigans will ensue in which Cheese Sandwich makes an absolute mess of the rock farm as well as disrupting Pinkie's sister's wedding.  But in the end, Pinkie's father gives his approval after realizing how much Pinkie loves Cheese Sandwich as well as how much Hasbro loves taking your waifus.

Season 5 will also feature the show's 100th episode, which show staff claims will feature a large proportion of background and fan-favorite characters.  There is also word that best background waifu Coco Pommel will return for an episode.  We at Horse News believe that Coco's episode will center around her falling for some handsome stallion that you're all going to hate, and Hasbro shall reclaim yet another waifu.

Other than that, we were just given a bunch of "maybe"s.  And since we only paid our resident psychic for one prediction this article, we're just going to list these out and let you decide for yourselves whether or not they are true:
-Return of the library (there is a full episode about Twilight missing the library, by the way...)
-Return of Chrysalis (doubtful)
-Return of Flutterbat (Mike Vogel wants her back, meaning she probably won't be back in S5)
-Seaponies (doubtful)
-More G1 ponies (looks promising)

Oh yeah, have an animatic:

Rainbow Rocks

Now, the part you've all been waiting for: The inside scoop on this summer's highly anticipated blockbuster sequel money-grabbing extravaganza, Rainbow Rocks.  The top movie critics have raved about this second installment in the Equestria Girls epic.  Roger Ebertstein compared it to the legendary Spaceballs II: The Search for more Money, claiming what set Rainbow Rocks apart was the fact that "it actually was made."  Frank Silvershekelsteinmanberg gushed at the great storyline and fluid animation, raving, "I can fap to this."
Pictured: Hasbro executive finding yet another way to separate fandom from hard-earned shekels
First, we learned that everyone's favorite bacon-haired human waifu will be returning.  From the recently released shorts, it appeared that she had become friends with the Mane 5.  The short also showed us that Flash Sentry, Normal Norman, and even Octavia will at least be making some form of appearance in the movie.

The show staff claimed that they wanted Rainbow Rocks to be the Empire Strikes Back of pony.  But (beyond the obvious implication that there will be a third movie) this leaves one to wonder why they would bring this up when talking about Sunset Shim-Sham.  I personally believe that Sunset will play the role of the greatest character in the Star Wars franchise, Lando Calrissian.  Sunset will be forced to cooperate with the trio of new evil demon high school girls, who continue to alter the deal despite Sunset's prayers that they do not alter it further.  The movie culminates with the demon girl trio freezing Rainbow Dash in carbonite during their act in the battle of the bands, while Sunset plays the role of the true hero by helping the rest of the Mane 6 to escape.
Damn, what a handsome man.
n-no homo...
The other big thing we got from the panel is that the writers drew from Greek mythology, utilizing a siren theme for the demon girls (that can really be seen in the harmonizing vocals in the latest short).  But, if you all would recall your Greek mythology, what exactly was it that the sirens would do?

They'd crash ships.

Brace your headcanons.

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  1. Surprisingly, the animatic is bretty gud.

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  5. I bet that someone somewhere has already decided that all of season five is going to be total shit based solely on this handful of minor spoilers and that animatic.

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