RobbStone needs help - charity art livestream, featuring JanAnimations

Despite what you may believe, Horse-News is not actually comprised of heartless robots. It is in-fact run by people, and those people do in fact have hearts. More than that, or perhaps more shockingly than that, those people have friends. 

As it so happens we have a friend who is in need of a hand. His name is RobbStone and he needs diabetes medication that he can't afford. Because of that, a group of fandom artists is trying to raise some cash with a pony livesteam. The livestream will be offering commissions (with all proceeds going to Robb), and featuring some special guests, including Jan from JanAnimations.

Stream Link:

You may ask; what does this have to do with ponies? And we might respond: does it really matter?
Supposedly Obamacare is fucking over a lot of good people lately.
What we DO have is a link.

Robb Stone is an aspiring voice-actor and composer struggling with medical expenses and needs our help!
Robb Stone is an aspiring voice-actor and composer. Most known for his popular ‘Button Mash’ impression, he has earned several hundred followers on Youtube as he continues his dream to become a professional voice-actor in Vancouver.
Unfortunately, he needs our help. Obamacare is forcing his family to pay for insurance that they cannot pay for because they did not qualify. His health requires that he takes diabetic treatment that will only last for another month because he is being taken off state-aid. They cannot use any bank-cards because they face a $10,000 debt and very well could lose their house. Because his computer is fried, Robb finds it even difficult to spread the message about what’s happened.
And here's a video

Robb has actually been involved in plenty of fan videos over the years, you can find examples of his work here:

The stream ends at 8PM Eastern, so tune in to help him out.

Comments (8)

  1. Actually, Obamacare IS helping him. Do your research before streaming, RepubliCAN'T.

    1. No you mongoloid, Obamacare gave him diabetes.

  2. I hope he dies.

  3. Giving peope money for nothing is socialism. If I give him money, I might as well be giving hand-outs to the parasites!

    I sorry you have to die from your terminal diabetes, Mr. Stone, but I'm sure you understand. At least the death panels won't get you.

    1. I understand... I'll go quietly...

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