Bronies: The Series: The Movie: The Fundraiser (Now In Production)

Describing getting off the ride

How stuff like this slips through the cracks and under the radar for so long is baffling to say the least. Tonight, Horse-News was sent a link to a "Patreon" page for a project called "Bronies: The Series".
What is it? Fuck if we know but we're going to find out.
To the brief overview mobile!

Holy shit that video is almost 12 minutes long. Hell no we're not watching that! Not all in one sitting, our attention spans are not NEARLY that developed. I don't think HN has ever once followed up on a serial article that we've started for more than 1 week, 12 minutes is homework.

Lets see what it SAYS.

Published on Sep 8, 2013**UPDATE** We reached the first goal of our fundraising! Thank you everyone! You can still support the us through our website
if you would like to help us make more episodes. Look for BRONIES SEASON 1 Coming Soon!
Bronies - The Movie is made possible by your generous support!
Website: http://www.broniesthemovie.comFacebook http://appdevious.tumblr.comYoutube:
"Bronies" is a scripted, comedic short film about one brony's journey to "come out". Shane Foster has always been ashamed of his "bronyism" but when his uptight girlfriend catches him in the act (of watching a pony video) his deep, dark secret is out. With only his best friend to back him up, Shane now has to deal with the reactions of his co-workers, his boss and even his parents.
Shane Foster: Dayleigh Nelson
A.J.: Christopher Jordan Lee
Reilly: Kayla Heselwood
Mrs. Foster: Susan Burzynski
Mr. Foster: Jeff Dearing
Mr. Priscell: Mark Pilley
Director: Antonia Arias Padilla
Writer: Ryan Pears
Producer: Derek Green
DOP: Shawn Yeo
Editor: Adam Kube
Sound Design/Re-recording Mixer: David Green
Composer: Donald Weichel
Colorist: Andrea Dixon
Make FX: Caitlin Groves
Location Sound: Johan Bien
Key Grip: Alex Terhart
Image Design: Byken Vong
Special Thanks: Javier Badillo
Special Thanks: BronyCAN
Help us caption & translate this video!

Well, that's a lot of info, god bless the ctrl+v.
What else we got?

Last year we released a pilot film called Bronies on youtube. You, the fans, have told us you want more episodes so let's do that! Part 2 & 3 are already written and in the works but we need your support to keep the story going. With your help we can pay for things like film equipment, food for the cast & crew, locations, costumes, props, etc. 
So please consider supporting our film team so we can make more Bronies episodes for you. Thank you! 

Okay, now I know we're just skimming here, but we definitely saw the word "pay" in there. What's the deal? Ohhh that's what "patreon" is. They're asking for funding to make more episodes. Oh, and they had a successful indiegogo campaign it seems as well.

When did this come out? SEPTEMBER OF 2013? Holy crap.It has been quite a while with what appears to be minimal exposure. It apparently went into pre-production as early as 2012.

 According to the twitter that is now following us, they've begun production again.

Skipping through the video to random times, we see a caption regarding pedophilia. So yeah, this series isn't pulling any punches.

While writing we forced our intern Dimitri to sit through the entire pilot video, and he says it comes down to the point every fan of the show tries to make to their friends and families, that it's "just a cartoon". 

So, check out the video up top, if you like it, bombard these guys with questions, because we sure as hell aren't going to answer them.

Comments (7)

  1. Why not just call it as it is?

    Spaghetti: an introspective genuflection.

    1. ^ Genuflect is a fun-ass word to say BTW.

  2. Ok, I forced myself to watch that 12 minute thing.

    - actually somewhat decent acting
    - no spaghetti/cringe moments
    - i might even say it has a "good message"

    I like it, another!

  3. Huh i watched it and it wasn't too bad. No one gave a shit because it was just a cartoon except that Conniving bitch.

  4. Big Bang Theory with bronies: Big Mac Theory

    The punchline is always spaghetti instead of Bazinga.