Hasbro prepares to unveil "My Little Hoverboard", to compete with Mattel's line for next year

Ever the fans of self-fulfilling prophecy, the engineers at Hasbro are preparing to unveil their very own, fully-functional Hoverboard, to be available for purchase by the Christmas season. This move comes on the heels of Mattel, who have had their plans to release the Hoverboard seen above, known for nearly 25 years. The device, which our sources (who are Hasbro and can confirm this) claim is in the middle of the production phase, will figure prominently in the upcoming Equestria Girls sequel.

The hoverboard (which will have optional attachable wings and unicorn-horn kickstand) is just the latest in a long line of moves Hasbro is making to be ahead of the curve in future markets. Earlier this year, photos were released of a girl's fashion line that features god-awful neon and inexplicable transparent plastic accessories, similar to the ones seen in the Mattel fashion-line ad for 2015 (which has been running since 1989).

Seen above are the fashions of the future, as dictated by children's toy companies. The top image is taken from the 1989 Mattel Hoverboard infomercial known as "Back to the Future 2", the bottom image being taken from the recent Hasbro investors presentation slideshow.

Much like the rest of Equestria Girls products, the Fashion Line and Hoverboard are merely attempts to play catch-up with Mattel who have been introducing future scene kids girls into this style of fashion for the last 2 years.

Rumor has it that the third installment of Equestria Girls will be in 3D, with interactive theater advertisements.
"It will be like Rainbow Dash is coming right at you!" said one excited cinephile. (Seen below is the advertisement for the upcoming film adaption of Mattel's "Street Sharks" reboot.

(INB4 Seaponies become "Jawesome")

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