Movie Horse Blanco passes away

We at Horse News are sad to report a loss of one of the greatest horse actors of all time.

Blanco, the white stallion best known for portraying Gandalf's horse Shadowfax in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, passed away this week of natural causes.

In the press release that Horse News was (surprisingly) provided, Blanco's owner Cynthia Royal stated that his passing was sad, and deeply personal:

While this leg of Blanco's journey has passed and my heart still aches, I will live in peace knowing we gave our all to aid in his recovery.

Blanco has portrayed several white horses in his long career, including lending his voice for horse sound effects in Hercules and Red Dead Redemption.
 When Blanco became ill with a mystery illness, his owner funded a GoFundMe, which raised almost $5000 for his medical care.

Please feel free to leave words of sympathy on Blanco's facebook page.

Comments (8)

  1. Did you guys actually get sent a press release? topkek

  2. >Press release
    ... Seriously? Considering the name I could see that as being a real thing, so this one is leaving me legitimately stumped.

  3. Goodnight Sweet Prince

  4. Blanco will live forever in our hearts and bottles of glue.

  5. rest in peas White Horse

  6. I love white horses too, this is a great post, play football legends whenever you want

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