Equestrian Dreamers "My Little Investigations" - it's like Ace Attourney - but with hooves

Somehow, against all odds, one of the rarest events in the fandom has occurred: a quality pony fan-built game was actually brought to fruition, and it combines three of our favorite things: Ace-Attorney style investigations, pastel horses, and modability. Is modability a word? Fuck it, is now. Its name is "My Little Investigations" and the first case is downloadable for play now.
Anyway check out some of the info below.

According to the release post, this game has been in development for nearly 3 years. And unlike the last game we talked about that was supposedly in development for 3 (and later 4) years, these guys actually have something to show for it.
Back then, they might not even have known the connotations of "plot".

Download link 

Watching the video, the gameplay seems pretty damn smooth, and the graphics really pop. The soundtrack is nothing to scoff at either, and the guys even provided a download link to the tunes so that you don't have to bother asking.

With any luck they won't get Hasbro'd before the rest of the game is complete. Looking through the site comments, it appears that some users encounter a few "inconsistent bugs" that the team is working to patch. Though if you're truly the tech-savvy type, you may be able to patch them yourself, considering that the Equestrian Dreamers team also released the source-code for the game, prompting a single, very important response:

Get to work.

Here's the info on the post provided by the team:
I’m sure the first thing that you’re looking for is a download link, so you can find that here:
At that link, you can find four things:
The game executable itself plus case 1
The soundtrack to case 1, composed by Trot Pilgrim
Source code for the game executable
Source code for the (now-defunct) Java case compiler (+ game implementation)
If you just want to play the game, the first item is what you want. Highly recommended as well is the second option, as Trot Pilgrim did an awfully fine job scoring the game, and his music is great to listen to on its own. If you’re interested in exactly how the game works or are interested in any specific functionality therein, the third option will give you that. And if you’re academically curious, the fourth option contains the source code both for the initial Java demo of the game, and of the case compiler in Java that I’ve been using to compile the first case. It’s very bare-bones and is really not very good, and is entirely unsupported – now that case 1 is released, work on a proper case creator is underway in earnest – so only the most curious and adventurous will find anything there. Still, we included it for the sake of completeness.
If you’d like to discuss the game, don’t forget to check out our forum! Talk about MLI, about MLP:FiM in general, or about general things with other fans is all welcome!
Finally, I’d like to mention that we also now have a Twitter account, @EqDreamers! We’ll be using that account both to alert fans to new posts here, news about MLI, or just general communication with others. So, following us is definitely encouraged. :)
We’ll have more to post about in the coming days, but that’s probably more than enough for right now. Enjoy!

Clicking that Twitter link will also show you the new facebook twitter layout if you're interested in seeing it.
Equestria Gaming has some shit too.

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  1. I approve! Immensely!

  2. Fucking finally! I'm so happy this came out. I've been hankering for a good, high-quality pony game that isn't hampered by DWM bullshit.

  3. I got genuinely excited when I found this post. I played the demo forever ago, seems like it's been nearly two years now. I bookmarked the website, still have it, and totally forgot and gave up hope of ever seeing the game finished. Now we have case one. Good job fellas. Hope they get a chance to finish it before hasbro jews the fuck out of them. At least they are smart enough to release the source code.