Fandom Rallies together - Archie hospitalized with Kidney Problems

There has been a streak of bad luck lately in the community, many have been saddled with unfortunate, unexpected medical expenses that they cannot manage on their own. Many have called on the community for support as necessary and time and time again the fans have rallied together to find a way.

Recently, Obsidian Winter's (Vice Chair for BABScon) mother has fallen ill, and is in need of a liver and medication to survive. BABScon decided to auction off two of their premium passes (here and here) raising over $1300 to help cover some of the bills. The family has also set up a crowdfunding page for donations.

From the funding page:

To be precise, she needs $10,000 worth of help to confront immediate costs. $3,500 will go to pay for IV nutrition to help sustain her mother. The rest will go to cover the most immediate outstanding accounts of her mother’s mortgage and car payments, so that as soon as possible, Olivia can move in and take over the mortgage payments and her mother’s in-home care.

The fundraiser has gathered over $3100 so far, but things took a turn for the worse yesterday, as Obsidian indicates in this update.

This tragic turn of events comes following the unfortunate case of Michael Morones who was hospitalized after a suicide attempt. The community rallied together to help pay for his medical bills and recovery, and he has reportedly been making progress. He is no longer in a coma and is showing some motor function. Andrea Libman recently visited him in person.

The latest call for assistance comes from the managers of Desso (or as pony fans would know him; Archie), the man who brought many memorable techno songs to the fandom, before being signed to a label. 
The gofundme informs us that Archie has encountered some health problems as well, he is hospitalized with serious kidney problems and needs assistance paying his medical bills. Though previously there were concerns as to legitimacy and intent, friends of Archie have come forward to give more information on the situation. Petirep verified the stories legitimacy.

Despite what many may think, Archie does in-fact still make pony music. The goal of the gofundme is set at $20,000, though other funds are being raised through album sales by his label. /mlp/ has shown concern for Archie's situation.

 /mlp/ has supported several other charity efforts in the past, notably the North Texas Food Bank Pasta Drive, and the ongoing Tracy Cage Charity Train RAINN fundraiser.

Give if you can.

Update: recent post from Obsidian on her mother's situation

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