EQG2 Toy Displays Appear, Sethisto missing

Today, Horse News has received a photograph of a toy display in an undisclosed location, featuring the latest toys for Equestria Girls 2: Erotic Scootaloo. In an concurrent turn of events, Equestria Daily owner and renowned Trixiefag, Sethisto, has gone missing.
The display which features a lifesize, humanized, cardboard-cuttout of Rockstar Trixie from the upcoming 90-minute toy commercial  feature film, is evidently from a foreign country, given the toy prices listed on the display (159.00 and 119.00). Many believe these prices are in Polish Zloty. The display is nothing short of nightmare fuel.

In a shocking turn of events, nobody has heard from Seth since the image appeared. His last non-scheduled post on EQD was over 5 hours prior to press-time when he posted about the appearance of a Trixie Plushie at stores. Those closest to him have checked his last known locations; his computer, his bed, and his computer, and he is gone without a trace. His browser was left open to a photo of the cutout, a booking page for plane tickets to Katowice Poland, and a converter from PLN to USD. Investigators still have no leads on where he may have gone. If you have any information on Seth's whereabouts, please spam his twitter account.

Update: We have received word that the Trixie cutout has gone missing from the store. 

Comments (5)

  1. Jesus fucking christ that is hideous.
    It is eternally baffling how anyone thought this was a good idea.

  2. So...goddamn...ugly...

  3. Why would you check his bed when he never goes there.

  4. I'm not so sure that even Seth could love that face.

  5. Doesn't he waifu Maud now?

    That's the rumor I've heard.