Equestria Girls 3 Confirmed (in book form for now)

On February 21, Horse News posted an article about the possibility of two Equestria Girls sequels on the way.  The author, Liki Weaks, cited a note on a title card as evidence to the possibility of multiple Equestria Girls sequels.
Earlier today, we learned that this was not just a slip-up by the editing department.
Equestria Girls 3 has indeed been confirmed, at least in book form.

The description is incredibly vague, telling us that there will be an adventure at Canterlot High. The title and cover art has not even been finalized, so it may in fact go through some changes between now and publishing. We also think it will feature the main six ponies of the show, because the obvious apparently must be stated.

The book can currently be pre-ordered on Amazon and will be written by the same author as the Rainbow Rocks book: http://www.amazon.com/dp/0316247774

For now, sound the alarms!  Remember when you all thought Rainbow Rocks was just a book?  Remember when Horse News didn't listen to their own article?  THERE'S NO STOPPING THIS NOW!

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  1. That's it. I'm fucking done with this ride.

    Putin, bring on WWIII so I can enlist in the army as soon as fucking possible. The further I get away from this shit, the better.


  3. Watch they'll make 5 or 6 equestria girls movies and each one will be more obnoxious and intrusive into the show than the last, and every time we will wonder why there is still no pony movie about fucking ponies.

  4. EqG = Monster High
    Breezies = Disney Fairies
    ??? = other competing toylines

    I'm looking forward to a dozen ponified toylines, each more spurious than the last. As for EqG3, my guess is this time the high schoolers (college freshmen?) cross over into ponyland, per our requests for a pony movie actually about pony. And it'll wreck everyone so hard they'll think goatse is preferable.

    Meanwhile, I'll be sitting here and laughing...

  5. I warn you guys this is what would happen.

  6. that is so not nice. I like equestria girls and don't complain that much. I for instance, loved both the first and the second movie. Of course I liked the second better, but I think you are just being haters. Some of you, at least. Don't criticize before it starts and I mean really. Some of us out there wait for the movie and if you keep complaining, it might never get out. I would be totally dissapointed since I love love LOVE the series with the EQ girls and I believe there are many out there who like it. BTW if you don't like it , simply don't watch it :) And I am so totally sorry if I hurt someone's feelings. Promise I dind't do it with intention. Just dfefending my favorite characters form the human universe.