My Little Porny Cast Interviews Part 6: Q&A with Rhyan Rotten

Last week, Horse-news interviewed 5 of the 6 actresses in the newly released MLP-parody adult film "My Little Porny; Fucking is Magic" from PixelVixens. Tonight, Rhyan Rotten - the actress playing a shy, yellow character with a surprisingly aggressive side, to round off our ongoing interview series. See what she has to say about fetishes and 4chan below.

Bold: Horse News
Responses: Rhyan Rotten


5'2, 32-26-36

Where are you from? 
I currently stay in Ohio 

Were you a fan of My Little Pony before the film? 
Very much so! I've been into MLP since the first generation!

Are you involved in the fandom in any way (other than this project)/do you frequent any brony/nerd sites? 
With all of the projects I get involved in its quite hard to find time to hangout on forums... unless its 4chan. I love me some 4chan!

Whose idea was this project? 
I do believe the Lovely Noel made it possible for us to have all of the fun! 

How many people were on the production team?
I'm not quite sure.. I can't even lie lol

About how many copies do you think this project might sell? 
I have no idea! I just hope the puns are received well! I do enjoy a good pun.

Who IS your favorite pony? 
I happen to like Fluttershy a lot.. I can completely relate with her when it comes to my love for animals. Not to mention I was terribly shy growing up! Not that anyone could guess that of me now.. lol

From Rhyan's tumblr
Favorite Episode? 
Keep Calm and Flutter On

What was your favourite scene? 
Pinkie/Mr. Pie hands down! you'll have to watch the dvd to understand ;D

Who is your favorite character (not necessarily pony) to cosplay as? 
Triana from The Venture Bros. or turning myself into an Ewok! 

What other hobbies do you have? 
I am quite in love with crafting, playing with fire, I love cartoons, I'm obsessed with comic books. 

What kind of music do you enjoy? 
I like a very wide variety of thing ranging from folk to electronic and ending with death metal. 

Favorite Movie? 
Dark Crystal

From Rhyan's instagram

Drink of choice? 
Coffee. All of the coffee.

What is your favorite cartoon besides ponies? 
More on the anime side.. Ghost in the shell or FLCL. I can't choose between the two. 

Who made your costume? 
Noel actually had it all put together for me. because I love her 

Which of the characters in the show do you think has the best sex life? 
Fluttershy! I'm not biased I swear!

Did you know any of your co-stars before this film? 
I knew Arielle before and use to be in a fetish troupe with her! It was my first time meeting all of the other ladies however! I was super nervous, but they were all so lovable!

Which pony do you think tastes the best? 
Applejack ;D

Do you clop? 
I do not!... However I encourage all to find their kinks! On numerous occasions I've stood up for clopper friends of mine. Don't hate because you don't understand! 

What is your fetish? 
ahaha I don't think you want that long of a response... I enjoy most things taboo! I've also dedicated most of my work to the fetish lifestyle! 

How many other flicks have you been in? 
This will be my first DVD! 

What's your favorite position? 

Looking at your tumblr, Fluttershy seems to be quite the opposite of your 
typical hard-core style, was it a big change for you? 
I feel like since coming out of my shell its hard to pretend to be shy anymore. So it was definitely a challenge... but challenge accepted!

Cupcake said she thinks Fluttershy would be very dominant in bed, do you agree? Completely! Its always the quiet ones you should worry about!

What was the most fun/interesting scene you've ever been involved in? 
I absolutely loved my scene with Discordia! Like I said... all of the puns... 

More tumblr

Do you think there needs to be more male characters involved? 
It wouldn't matter much to me.. I love fucking both genders. 

Have you ever gone to/would you consider going to a brony convention, or any other nerdy con? 
I attend all sorts of conventions, but its hard to attend all of them when you're schedule keeps ya busy! 

Trotcon is in Ohio this year, might we expect an appearance? 
Quite possibly... I hope i'm able to attend! You can't have all the fun without me :'3

If you had a cutie mark, what do you think your special talent would be? 
Cookies or cupcakes! I make the best sweets! The power of my cookies shall conquer all bad days! lol 

Is there anything you want to tell our readers about yourself or the movie? 
That I haven't already? jeez... Its quite magical... as long as you understand its suppose to be a parody! 

Do you have any other upcoming projects? 
Quite a few actually.. between photo shoots and fetish content I create.. I have a few shows i'll be making appearance at... although they've yet to be announced publicly

Would you return for a sequel? 
Of course! I had so much fun with it! I can't wait to see what Pixel Vixens comes up with next!

And thus ends HN's 6-part interview series with the cast of "My Little Porny: Fucking is Magic". 
The HN Staff would like to thank our guests Kara Noel, Arielle, Cupcake, Lola and Rhyan for answering our questions, and we look forward to seeing more from them.

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  2. It's such a shame such a beautiful woman played such a shit pony like Sluttershit.

  3. >Header mention talking about 4chan.
    >She just mention it once, and the interviewer doesn't even try to ask her boards, if she's a newfag, or browse /mlp/.


    1. That's because its an e-mail interview.

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