Saturday Synopsis: It Ain’t Easy Being Breezies

...Huh? Whazzat? It's Saturday? What? It's Sunday? Fuck me, it is. Better resume my nap later.
Saturday has arrived, and a new episode along with it. And yes, this is another Fluttershite episode. And yes, I'm going to write this one. Hey, this one was at least bearable. You learn to not expect anything of CMC episodes after watching them all. Oh, don't look at me like that. As if you wouldn't have done the exact same thing in my position. I was cold and hungry, and I needed a nap. I don't have to listen to these wild allegations! I'm just going to proceed with the episode recap.

As for why this is out on Sunday, that's because... Shut up.

At the time of writing, the best episode link is here.

The episode starts with Flutterbutt giving the other 5 a brief run-through of what will be happening. It turns out that a bunch of animals approximately the size of butterflies called the "Breezies" will be migrating through their small town. Apparently the "Breezies" need a soft wind, or a "breeze" (hence the name) in order to migrate. Rainbow Dosh and two other pegasi are in charge of creating the breezes themselves. Said pony tests the wind by shoving her hoof into her mouth. You know how you lick your finger to test the wind direction? That doesn't actually work. It's a load of shit. All it tells you is that your finger is wet.

Goddamnit Hasbro stop making it easy to shop dicks into your show
In a conversation with Yellowquiet, Mr. Cake brings up the valid question of why the pegasi are required to make the breeze for them. Well, the breeze is the thing that activates their magic, and the magic is what prevents the pollen they're carrying from being destroyed.

...What? What's the pollen about all of a sudden? Are they supposed to function like bees or something?

Right after this vague explanation, Whitehorse shows up in an outfit that could roughly be described as being "the cause of Snowflake's eyesight". Upon being told that she's retarded and needs to take it off, she turns out to be wearing an equally blinding number right under that. Clearly, Rarity uses CILIT BANG in her washing.

Finally, the Brazzers Breezies arrive from the right. The crowd watches in awe as a bunch of butterfly-like things with squeaky voices and Swedish accents go through. Spike, however, keeps getting treated like Spike, and can't see shit. So he improvises by climbing up a nearby tree. This causes a leaf to be knocked loose from the branch, and harmlessly float into the path of the ones at the back, separating them from the rest of the group and setting the rest of the episode in motion. Before they can end up crushed like little bugs, Flutterbutt swoops in and steadies them, putting them down on a tree stump.

The leader of the pack (apparently male, but you wouldn't know), who goes by the name Seabreeze, reveals that they are actually a sentient race that normally speak a language vaguely similar to Swedish, with accents to match, and that he's fully aware that the team he's leading are a bunch of lazy, childish retards. Spike interjects to reveal that this was his fault, and is easily forgiven, this being Yellowquiet and all. When asked if they're ready to go again, the Brazzers FUCK Breezies latch onto aforementioned horse like a gang of leeches in protest. Flutterbutt says that they may need a break before they go again, and everyone for miles with an intellect of a 5-year-old girl and above knows where this is going.

I can sum up the next 5 minutes in one short paragraph... Flutterbutt accomodates for their every need, giving them drinks, food and knitted clothing etc. Every time she asks when they're ready to go, they make up a problem such as having a cold, being tired or needing more time in general. Yellowquiet believes them every time, and they end up throwing a party of some kind. Everyone except their leader, that is, who urges them to get going every time, repeatedly getting ignored and going off on two long rants in his vaguely Swedish language that according to Yellowbutt didn't contain family friendly language. Nobody can blame him.

Sluta slösa tid era lata jävlar!
Eventually, Seabreeze decided enough is enough and breaks up the party. The lata jävlar once again convince Flutterbutt to let them waste more time, resulting in Seabreeze giving up and going ahead on his own. The path proves to be difficult for him however, getting blown about by the wind and almost being crushed by acorns, with him shouting out many foreign words that most likely translate to "oh shit" and "fuck me sideways", until he finally crashes head-first into a hive of...

Clearly pissed at him having vandalised their homes, the BEEEEEEES converge on the unarmed Breezie when Flutterbutt intervenes. First, she politely asks for them to kindly fuck off. They ignore her, so she shakes her ass for the second Flutterbutt episode in a row (see the article's top image), but they even ignore that, somehow. So she resorts to aggressively telling them to fuck off, which finally works. With Seabreeze safe, she tells him that it's too dangerous to go alone. That, he says, is exactly why he's been trying to get them to leave, but they never listen to him. Flutter tells him that's because he yells at them, and that they won't listen if he yells. Seabreeze then points out that she had to yell at the bees to make them leave, which triggers her mandatory "rainbow moment" or whatever you call it.

That's not funny, my brother died that way
Finally realising, she goes back to her cottage and flat-out tells them that they need to leave. Of course they protest, but she presses on, and they finally get the hell out. As they get the winds going again, Rainbow Dosh claims that the breeze will be too light to get them going with how few there are. Cue Batman walking in with his utility belt containing a spell that transforms the Main 6 into Brazzers GOD DAMNIT Breezies. Because you never know when you might need it.

With the extra numbers, they travel the breeze, finally making it to the mouth of some cave that contains a rapidly shrinking portal. They go through, and the Breezies turn out to have their own town and everything, that looks like the Jockey's Town from that one episode from The Simpsons. And hey, it turns out that Seabreeze actually has a wife and kid! That's pretty neat, right?

Of course, this one image sparked a huge debate over Breezie
Gender Differentiation when the truth is IT'S NOT IMPORTANT
And that's it. Flutterbutt gets her key in the form of a flower, they leave, change back to ponies and the episode ends... Well, almost. Just before the episode ends, Rainbow Dosh asks Purplesmart if she could turn her into a Griffon. She refuses, and the look on her face almost looks like she just had her hopes and dreams crushed. You know what this is going to trigger, right?

HAHAHAHA EPISODE SAVED AT THE LAST SECOND. Always trust in the smut, kids.

- Grumpy Old Fart

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  1. The smut is the only I'm still watching.

  2. >the cause of Snowflake's eyesight
    What the fucking hell are you talking about? Snowflake is who they now call "Bulk Biceps, you know, the big steroid pony. Perhaps you're referring to SnowDROP? The OC filly who is blind and is from the eponymous shitty and needlessly melodramatic fan animation?
    Also, tone the autism down. I'm starting to understand what some anons on /mlp/ are on about with this site practically being autism central and why they never come here. You think you represent /mlp/'s opinion? All you are doing is some autistic circlejerking no one gives a flying fuck about. Get your shit together or you might lose the only audience you have, faggots.

    1. You didn't read the very first synopsis, did you?
      These recaps have always been about my opinion. If you don't agree, fuck off and write your own article faggot. This here is my town.

  3. Seabreeze is best pony.

  4. "I've kinda always wondered what it'd be like to be a griffon."

    What went through most of /mlp/'s mind:
    "I've kinda always wondered what it'd be like to scissor Gilda as a griffon."

    What went through MY mind at first:
    "I've kinda always wondered what it'd be like to taste the raw flesh of a small woodland creature as I rip into it with my griffon beak."