Pinkie Pie stars in self-titled children's erotica

PONYVILLE - Baker and Ponyville Polytech drop-out Pinkie "Cream" Pie is renowned for her work as an element of harmony, her party planning prowess, and her multiple psychotic breakdowns. However her latest venture has sparked a major controversy with both Equestrian parents groups and censor boards, seeking to create her own unique form of literature. A mash of up of two of the biggest selling genres of all time - children's books and erotica - meant to challenge our perceptions of young colt and filly sexuality. 

Filled with graphic descriptions and even crude hoof-paintings, the first edition has already sold 130,000 copies in its first week.

"This is a sign of the downfall of Equestria's moral fabric," said first cross-dimensional politician Vermin Supreme. "What we need is more sex on Network News, not in the hands of greedy little bastard children. My work program will take care of them more than any pop-up smut slut's stuff."

Simply titled Pinky Pie, the novel takes the simple look at a group of children doing things I'm legally not allowed to show you or even describe. However the various contents of the novel involve various pets, a large whisk, a dead parrot, and what can only be described as a 'shit-ton of expensive lube' illustrated vividly and disturbingly. Written under the pseudonym Eleanor Estes, Pinkie Pie attempted to shift any legal repercussions for the novel away from her.

"If they don't want to see feral cats go at it with a cactus, then far be it from me to introduce some super duper culture in to their lives! I just don't want to be punished for making my art," said a very concerned Pinkie Pie, with a streak of face powder lining her nose.

Attempts to flee legal prosecution for 130,000 counts of distributing bestiality/cross-dimensional sodomy/child pornography have so far been successful. However we can only find none of this will matter considering Pinkie Pie contacted us to do a public interview for her. To promote her book.

When our reporters pointed out the lunacy of this situation, they realized they were interviewing a pink talking horse and quickly remembered where they fucking work.

An excerpt from page 3. Horse News would like to legally say that we are not involved in any way with this book's publication.

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  1. what the hell is happening

    1. MLPCritic is back as a writer. Horse-News is now back to being the Horse Onion.

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  3. "Pinkie Pie stars in self-titled children's erotica"

    So basicly another Mittsies Ponka flash

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