Man with pony tattoo regrets his decision

SAN FRANCISCO - "I don't know what the hell I was thinking," said local pony fan, Kurt 'Bolt' Grohl. Two years ago, Grohl committed himself heavily to the fandom, going as far as to even get a tattoo in honor of his new favorite show.

Defeated, through a face buried in his hands, he continued "no one will even take me serious anymore," with tears streaming through his two-inch nose gauges.

Grohl, a local tattoo and body artist, claims that the tattoo has not only devastated his professional life, but his personal life as well.

One of the many songs Dave slits his wrists too

"After I got that fucking tattoo everything changed, especially with my wife. She used to love strapping the car battery to my dick screw, but now? She can't even look me in the eye."

Not long after he got inked, his life took a downturn. His wife no longer wanted him, he lost his job, he lost the record for staples to the eyebrow, and the prom is TOMORROW. 

Fortunately, Grohl was able to find temp work as a lightning rod, just sort of standing on top of cable cars when it rains. After medical bills, he's saved enough and switched insurances enough to earn one free elective surgery. He says he already has plans with what to do with his fresh new skin.

"A large, multicolor mural of my favorite ship, Steven Universe and Rose Quartz. Thank god I'm getting rid of this thing."

The tattoo in question. If you'd like a Horse News designed tattoo, consider messaging us. With ass pictures.

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  1. >googles horse-news to find good shit

    >see the picture on front page

    >thanks for the nightmares...

    1. *That* is disturbing to you? Buddy, that shit's about as innocuous as goatse. Do you even Internet, bro? Git gud.

    2. yes i do watch a lot of internet and there is a time that i have to stop so that's all that i can say for now

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