Late Drama Edition: Peter New Caught in Bed With Vincent Tong? Spicy Celebrity Gossip Inside!

Voice actors Vincent Tong and Peter New were spotted showing off their new body pillows at BronyCan in Canada this weekend while having some 'under the cover' fun.

A lewd display is one thing but Vinny and New took it to a whole new level of creepiness by cuddling with themselves in a strange act of auto arousal.

Talk about an awkward orgy. Almost as bad as getting a handjob from your best friend at a party, except its actually you, and your best friend is pounding your ass while making out with his doppelganger.

Tong later got some extra action on the side with what my sources tell me is some lady that voices Sunset Shimmer. Unlike New, Tong likes to play both sides of the game. What a player. 

Summer loving is strong with these two as Sunset got back with Flash for a quick one hit fling. The breakup must have been tough on the rising star. 

Apparently Flash is going through some emotional trouble. His promiscuity and self stroking ego cant be too bad right? Healthy narcissism is a sign of a well balanced self image.


Vincent Totally looks like...

Jackie Chan!

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  1. I haven't seen people this excited about what's on Peter New's pillow since Emily Jones.

  2. >Vincent awoke in a cold sweat. Something had brushed against his thigh, and a tremor of fear, mixed with a tingle of arousal, shook through his spine from the nape of his neck to the bottom of his tailbone.
    "Hello?" Vincent uttered meekly into the chilly darkness of his hotel room.
    >He turned to his side, and in the dim light radiating from the table side alarm clock, a bulky shape fumbled next to the sheets that were pulled up to Vincent's neck.
    >In an instant, Vincent grabbed at the switch of the lamp.
    >There, in front of his face, was a dakimakura with Big Mac printed on the side of it.
    >In the sudden brightness, and in confusion, Vincent rapidly blinked the remaining sleep from his weary eyes, and focused on the intrusive pillow.
    "What the fuck-" he muttered, reaching out to pick it up.
    >Before you can say "Jack Robinson," a large, gloved hand shot from under the dakimakura, and with the ease that telegraphed years of experience through disappointing trial-and-error, yanked the pajama pants off Vincent's waist.
    >Before you can say "ramming speed," the hand gracefully, yet forcefully, tore off the underwear from Vincent's hips.
    >and before you can say "just get on with it, faggot," the gloved hand was cradling Vincent's warm, throbbing penis.
    >Vincent gulped as waves of sudden pleasure erupted from his dick as the immediate erection pushed painfully into the air, only to be sated by nimble fingers stroking the swollen purple corona, and tracing the angry red veins of male power.
    >The hand began to stoke upward and downward, eventually settling at the base of Vincent's rod, delicately twisting the shaft as another hand (also gloved- a reddish hue, Vincent noted, not unlike the color of Big Mac's faintly furry coat) tickled the rest of his cock.
    "F-f-faster..." Vincent moaned, gripping the sheets as if the laws of gravity were nulled, and letting go would yank him into outer space.
    >The hands obliged, and quickened their pace, eventually matching the rapid beat of Vincent's own heart beats that pumped a rhythm of unexpected and unadulterated joy.
    >As if guided by angels, the hands stopped.
    "Wh-what are you-"
    >With the power of a fireman's hose, a seemingly endless arc of never-ending cum splashed through the still air, drenching the bed (and discovered the next morning, the walls in all directions) with what appeared to be gallons of semen like a disruptive volcano of salty, delicious seed.
    >Just as fast as it began, the hands disappeared as Vincent flopped back on his pillow, the oily globs of jiz caking his body, and eventually drying into millions of flakes, like dust in the wind.

    >After showering, and doing his best to clean some of the filthy remains of the night before, Vincent went down to the hotel's restaurant, to meet up with the other convention guests for breakfast.
    >No one would look him directly into his dreamy eyes, but several titters of school-girl laughter would interject the general din of hotel patrons sitting down to bagels and short stacks.
    >Vincent had the uncomfortable feeling that everyone knew.
    >And how could they not? The hotel management, he was later informed, had several rooms call down, suspecting that his outbursts of enviable happiness were in fact the screams of a man being murdered violently.
    >Vincent poured some batter (heh heh... missed that simile...) into the waffle griddle, and waited for the timer to finish.
    >While he watched the timer tick down to zero, Peter siddled up to him, and bent down to whisper into his ear:
    >Vincent turned his head, and studied the large man's twinkling eyes, a look of puzzlement dashing across his lips.
    >But before he could say anything, Peter winked, and lumbered off to refill his coffee cup.
    "Huh," Vincent thought.

    1. Thanks for this! And thanks for the article, Ponyguy. Finally we got something cute to read about on HN.

    2. Thank you for intensifying my moistness.

    3. Hey look!!! Brony otakus!!!!! kawaidesudesnya!!!!!!!

    4. (The Anon who wrote the story here: I also wrote the piece below on a previous article about Vincent, and having forgotten details I had written before, it seems there is a trend in the emerging >HN Vincent slashfics I've made. In no specific order: darkness interrupted by sudden light; dried bodily fluids [blood, cum]; being prevented from screaming or calling out; overweight/fat person aggressor. I'll have to keep that in mind if Horse News writes anything else with Mr. Tong... In the meantime, enjoy this lovely piece of creepy sexual fiction from earlier this year, and remember: K.I.C.K. - Keep It Creepy, Kiddos!)

      >Vincent awoke with a start.
      >As he struggled to sit up, a restraint pressed against his bruised ribs.
      >It wasn't anything too major, and in the gloomy, foreboding darkness, it felt like a make-shift rope made up of bungee cables from a gas station.
      >He gingerly removed them, as his chest still hurt.
      >And then he felt something against his sternum.
      >A gigantic, horrible gash, held together with gauze and crudely-sewn stitches!
      "Ah! You're awake! Let me turn on the light for you, Mr. Tong!"
      >The room was suddenly filled with a blinding swoosh of painfully bright light.
      >As Vincent's eyes adjusted to the sudden flood fill of light, he noticed that the room was filled with mangled and destroyed My Little Pony Toys.
      >And that he was covered in dry, crusty blood.
      "Ah! Please don't scream, Mr. Tong!" the voice cried out imploringly.
      >Against his better judgement, Vincent didn't peep even an aspirated gasp of terror.
      >Standing in front of him now, was a large brony.
      >Standard stereotype: overweight, poor facial hair distribution, awful fashion covered in snack-stains and cheeto dust, wallet chain, trilby hat, and a silk Goku shirt, ironically featuring Goku riding a wolf, racing against a poorly rendered Rainbow Dash patch that must have been covering up a flying Piccolo.
      "What do you…" Vincent began.
      "I want you, Mr. Tong."
      >Vincent must have started at the nerd for minutes, when the silence was broken like a beer bottle to the head at a redneck bar.
      "For you see, Mr. Tong…"
      >The brony started to undo his shirt.
      "Last Christmas…"
      >and then slowly and what he must've thought was seductively, peeled up his greasy, oily wife-beater undershirt, caked with filth.
      "I gave you my heart…"
      >And where the brony's heart should've been, was replaced by tubes pushing gallons of blood through a machine strapped to his back!
      >Vincent looked down at his chest, and then back at the brony.
      >The brony nodded firmly, as a smile spread across Vincent's face.
      >As the two of them passionately and lovingly made the most grittiest and animalistic love possible, Vincent smiled throughout, knowing that within his chest beat the heart of his fans.

    5. anyone willing to tweet this to either vince or peter?

    6. I am both slightly worried but also astounded at the level of effort. Congrats(?)

    7. Dawwwww- shucks... Thank you, friend!
      It comes from a genuine enjoyment that comes from the writing exercise of not repeating descriptive words as much as possible, mixed with a desire to tell body horror humor and having a innocent man-crush on Vincent Tong.

  3. Why aren't there any Obama or Biden dakimakuras????

    1. You can buy anything on the internet if you can afford it, anon.

  4. Vincent Tong is the good voice of Prince Blueblood, but his voice of Flash Sentry sucks! It sounds like Eddy's brother from Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show. The bronies still hates Flash Sentry and they want Flash Sentry to be a bad guy!

  5. Horse News are shit at surviving the hiatus(es).

  6. Flash Sentry is so irresistible even his VA loves him.

  7. And of course one of them is anthro, so I can REALLY feel the vomit climbing up my throat...

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  10. It's fun. I was impressed by the fat man holding the animated pillow. it's lovely