Best Eats: Equestria LA edition


With EQLA around the corner, I thought it would be nice to let you all in about the best places around that isn't the overpriced resort area. Sure, you have the garden walk but what's the point of going to the cheesecake factory everyday. What we have here is the best of the best that the area has to offer.

Before we start, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. In Southern California: Car is king. Most of these places you will have to get a car, or at least an uber or lyft. Public transportation is not worth the two bucks it charges per ride.

  1. One thing to remember is that low end does not equal bad or unsafe. It may mean that there may be less portions or that the flavor will not be as intense.

  1. If you are craving something in the middle of the night or at two in the morning after a night of binge drinking, there are a few food places nearby that are open 24 hours. Subway, Denny's, and Ihop are within distance, affordable, and open when you are. If you have a car, McDonald's and Jack in the box are your 24 hour drive through destinations. Most other fast food places close around midnight or 1 am.

With that said: Here we go!


High End: UMAMI Burgers

Two words. FUCKING. GO.


Its expensive, but good. Plus, they serve beer so whatever you like to drink with your high priced burger it will probably be there. If you want local made in Anaheim beer, right next door is the Anaheim Brewery, but their tasting room has limited hours so time it accordingly


Low End: Ted's Burgers

Not only does it serve burgers, fries, onion rings, and all that fun stuff, they also serve breakfast and Mexican food. It has it all with a low price.


Its a bit away, but worth it in price.


“The tasty elephant in the room.”

in n out.jpg

Good, affordable, and you can't resist the urge to have the fries or the burger animal style. You love it. It loves you. Not only that, it has bible verses in the sodas and wrappers, a perfect christian symbol for a christian image board.



Take your pick

Let’s be honest here, both of these choices are pricey, but are completely worth it. Difference is how far you are willing to travel and which one’s menu looks like a winner.

Tulsa rib is a local company, and is cheaper than Lucille's, but not by much. Portions are good at least.


tulsa rib.png

Like In-N-Out, it is a California tradition, with restaurants all over the state and in both Arizona and Nevada. If you can afford it and are from out of the state, I highly recommend it because its as close to real southern style BBQ this side of the Rockies




High End: Ho-Toys

I'm not kidding about the name, either.


This is more high end, its around 12 bucks for a three item combo without a drink. What it lacks in cheap it makes up for in portions.


I highly recommend the BBQ pork, especially with sweet and sour sauce as a dip.

ho toys.png

Low End: First China Kitchen

Again, you get cheap, you pay cheap, but at least it tastes like Chinese Food.

first china kitchen 2.jpg



No discussion, no debate, or else i will fite u. It is worth the price, within walking distance, and has more to it than Pizza and Wings (it has it anyway if you are into that sort of thing.)




High End: Maki Sushi

It cost more than Tokyo Teriyaki but it has more choices and the ever important alcohol. Highly recommend the popcorn lobster roll, which is pictured.



Low End: Tokyo Teriyaki

Cheap, not a whole lot of options, but it is delicious. This place says “you can have good sushi, and for cheap without getting food poisoning.”

tokyo teri.jpg


Honorable Mention: MOS #2

It looks like a dive from the outside, but the food is amazing. Most you are going to spend for one person is around ten to twelve dollars with the average being 8. Its not sushi, but I have no where else to put it in.




Lets be honest: There are more Mexican food places than Starbucks in southern California, even if you don't factor in poser Mexican food like taco bell, Del Taco, or every white girls favorite, chipotle.

But this place stands out as being one of the better ones.

Taco Boy

Looks like a dive, tastes better than chain restaurants. 'Nuff said.

taco boy.jpg

taco boy.png

Street Tacos

Here's a crazy idea: grab some friends, and drive around the neighborhoods and streets until you run into one of these

street tacos.jpg

Trust me, you wont regret it.


Unanimous Choice : Boiling Crab

Here is the concept of this place: Order a pound of shellfish, add in spices and flavoring, add in enhancers like potatoes, mussel, sausage, corn, and more, dump all of it into a durable plastic bag, and plop it on a table. That is the concept of another popular California eatery.

boiling cra.jpg

boiling crab.png

And there you have it, the best of for The resort area without going to the resort area.

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