Random Fan Filler: Celebrity ponies and a shitty podcast

Welp. Here we are again, with another article I have to make because Capper is locked in a Korean prison and the rest of us don't have the contacts that he does. On this special episode, we'll be enjoying a Caddyshack classic, looking at some celebrity ponies, and listen to some shitty podcast that's not even about ponies. Thanks Discovery Family for a midseason hiatus. We have to find stuff that ISN'T pony related.

Our Random Music Selection:
Mr. Night - Kenny Loggins

One of the best parts in a laundry list of notable moments from the 1980 classic Caddyshack was its soundtrack, which was mostly original Kenny Loggins recordings. While most would jump to I'm Alright as Loggins's best contribution to the soundtrack, Mr. Night is the underrated gem that needs to be given more credit than yet another shitty Family Guy reference. After all, that show is getting so bad it's flying in to the...DANGER ZONE.

Celebrity Ponies I guess

We dug deep in to the fandom vaults to bring you a presentation of some fan drawings that show off our disgusting Celebrity culture. I mean there's the ones that are involved in the show, like...

Lauren Faust

                         John de Lancie

Weird Al Yankovic

And coming soon, Lena Hall!

Yes, Lena Hall.
Unfortunately, not every celebrity seems to be involved in the show yet. Fans, however, have made some tasteful imaginings of the celebrities they believe should guest star. We'd like to showcase the best we could find, and would like to add in the roles we think they should play. Our picks include:

Penn and Teller explaining why magic is a load of bullshit and how Celestia isn't real.

Miley Cyrus inducting all the young female viewers in to a well balanced adulthood.

The ghost of George Carlin replacing Pinkie Pie as show goofball indefinitely.
Billie Joe Armstrong hopefully writing a song for the show that's better than whatever the fuck ¡Dos! was
Stephen Colbert just being magnificent as he always is, but in pony form

Taylor Swift to just absolutely ruin the show's already lacking credibility
Trey Parker and Matt Stone explaining the complex relationship of the equine races through a vulgar musical number
Eminem just being...
For the record, a lot of effort went in to censoring slim shady's hate stick and Pinkie's fun holes. We made a new vector for it and everything. Be thankful we care about quality.

We expect all of these celebrities to be on the show next season, Meghan. Make it happen.

Some shitty Gravity Falls podcast

Look we're actually serious about using the content you send us, even if it's only barely fandom related. This thing I haven't listened to is brought to you by the "assholes who wrote the Midnight Mares Madness article" for some reason. Thanks for the juicy free content, guys. Now if you all excuse me, I have to go count all the money I'm making from doing these articles.

Got some fan filler for us? Share it below and Horse News may put it in the next article. No guarantee we'll like it, though. Still, send us something, shit.

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  1. This is why I hate other people

  2. >Not adding the Shia LaBeouf pony from a thread last night
    You dun fuck up MLP Critic.

    1. >Shia LaDouche

      What is it with people and their love for talentless hacks?

  3. Him and everyone else who was ever on The Daily Show sold out to the Tumblr crowd.

  4. I agree, that dissapointed the hell out of me. Political differences or not, he's funny as shit

  5. @MLP critic

    >Thinking that Steven Colbert(NOT COLBEAR. YOU'RE NOT A FROG, STEVE) is funny.
    >Thinking that John Stewart is funny.
    >Not realizing that both of them are talentless, partisan hacks.

    Go fuck yourself, MLP critic.

  6. >Trey and Matt

    Now that's more fucking like it.

    >Taylor Swift

    No one that psychotic, or feminist, or slutty should EVER have a pony version made after them. Taylor Swift is a lying slut.

    >Implying Luna would EVER allow Feminem to ever touch her pussy

    You couldn't handle that pony body, she's a dancer. One look at your small dick, she'll be like, "IS THAT YOUR FINAL ANSWER!?(Insert royal alicorn voice.)

  7. Hoof Hearted back again - thanks for posting our shitty non-pony podcast! Today we have something more up the average Horse News' readers alley: us playing a dating sim game where we fuck monsters who are trying to eat our protagonist's splooge. Enjoy!


  8. Keep being awesome, critic.

  9. Wonder what other Thomas narrators have been Ponified.