Pony Up! Lube Is Going Down

The pony scented and flavored lube created by nor/mlp/eople appears to be no more.  Prior to the removal of all products from their Etsy store, a reader reported that his recent order was cancelled with the following message:
We're very sorry to inform you that we are not able to fulfill your order and must issue a refund as Pony Up! is temporarily ceasing sales so that we may further improve our service. Thank you so much for your support, we'll see you again soon. Pony Up!

We have reached out to the creators for further clarification on whether or not they will continue production at some future point and will update this post if they ever reply.  In the meantime, I need to find something new to use in my lovemaking sessions with my Twilight Sparkle plushie.  Any suggestions?

>tfw will never get to use Rainbow Berry Blue lube to cum inside Twilight Sparkle

Comments (5)

  1. oh the equinity! why god why would you do such a thing!

    >inb4 comments about best lube

  2. Testing found it would randomly explode on impact.

  3. Make your own for far less.

    J-Lube Animal birthing agent + food grade coloring.

  4. Great, just so bronies can prove how much of horny men they are!! -____-

  5. Maybe it's temporary out of stock when there are too many orders. Please try to refer geometry dash meltdown