Walmart Hates Horses, And Probably You Too

"Who would ever want to fuck something with hooves?" -Some Pleb Walmart Customer
Yesterday in a steamy rage Walmart took down the domain '' out of sheer hatred for our favorite kind of ass majestic creature. More on this after the break.

In a dirty move that used up actual time and investor money for lawyers, Walmart took down the horse related url on the 21st of this month. According to the incredibly newsworthy and not at all click baity article by The Guardian, the site was registered in late February of this year. The site only had the above image of a horse head photo shopped on top of a Walmart photo along with some "comical" music.

A few weeks later Walmart employees discovered the site, assumingly while trying to search for jerk off material to hate-fap to. The original site maker, a comic artist, felt that the site fell under fair use since it was a parody site. Walmart didn't give a fuck, and sent a cease and desist letter faster than the Discovery channel ever has to brony streaming sites. The comic artist reportedly took a "Fuck you guys, I'm going home" approach after a month and a half of waking up to Walmart lawyers mooning him through his bedroom window, and the site was soon owned by Walmart.

That's right, they didn't just take it down: they bent it down and took it over! The site was officially owned by Walmart on May 18th, where they kept the site up for 3 whole days just so they could jerk off to it several last times before letting it go. Business insider, who reports on hot button issues like this, theorizes that Walmart might have hit the parody site hard because they wanted to sit on the amazing domain name like many other companies have before.

But nah, we know they just wanted to finally make use of their cheap Chinese produced American flags. Hey, something has to be used to clean that white crap off the computer screens! Keep making America proud, Walmart.

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  1. "cheap Chinese produced American flags"

    lol 好笑

  2. "Jade Helm 15".
    Look it up, bitches.

    1. Damn, I went to all the trouble of invading Texas and all I got was a lousy t-shirt.