"Our Town"s "official" name has been chosen

Last week MA Larson tweeted that he would leave it up to the fans to determine what the name of the town from the premier would be.

So we decided to solicit names and put it to a big official vote.

It's been 6 days, so we've decided to end the poll, and declare "Stalliongrad" the official winner.

Stalliongrad beat out Larsontown, with a whopping 35% of the vote, making it a plurality.

If you didn't vote and hate the name? Too bad. This is it now.

Comments (4)

  1. Fuck you. It will always be Larsonville in my heart.

    1. *Larsontown

      Fuck. I shouldn't be up this late.

  2. Why not Mitchigan?

  3. fuck you all, fuck Larson too