New Brony Music Producer Adds "Official" To His Name

Toronto, Canada - New brony music producer Aiden "DJRainbowShy1999" Robertson announced over the weekend the addition of "Official" to his musician name, making his new name "DJ RainbowShy1999Official."

"Before I joined the MLP fandom, I used to use the name, 'DJHAZEFanAiden99', since I loved playing HAZE on the PS3 to dubstep music, but then when I became a Brony, I realized I needed to change my name to something that reflected my love for Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy." explained Aiden, on the origin of his name. "I decided to combine my two favorite ponies, so I used the name 'DJRainbowShy1999'.

Everything changed for Aiden when he discovered the world of brony music.

"I found this song called "Discord" by The Living Tombstone, and it was the most epic dubstep ever! Then I learned that a lot of bronies make remixes and bronystep music. I wanted to do that too! I already had DJ in my name before, so I didn't think I had to change it."

Aiden quickly got to work, watching YouTube tutorials about creating "mad dubstep wobbles" and creating social media pages when he encountered a problem.

"I found out that there was already a 'DJRainbowShy1999' on Soundcloud and EqBeats, which isn't fair because I'm the real DJRainbowShy1999!"

"Aiden was really down in the dumps that day, we even had to remind him to love and tolerate the existence of the other DJRainbowShy1999", recounted Johnny "GTABrony_6969" Williams, Aiden's classmate in 6th period Biology.

The next week, Aiden came up with a solution - To add "Official" to his name.

"Now that I have 'Official' in my name, its obvious that I am the real DJRainbowShy1999!" Aiden quickly jumped to Soundcloud, Twitter, and EqBeats to reserve his newfound goldmine of a name.

As of the time of posting this article, we tried to contact DJRainbowShy1999Official to ask him about the success of his new name, but he claimed he was busy applying as a musician for BronyCon's music stage, but shared with us that he feels confident about getting accepted because internet voice actress Rina-chan recently followed him back on Twitter.

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  1. Soooooo.......basically, another arrogant, conceited, smug #horsefamous/famous brony asshole who thinks he's better than everyone and gets off on the smell of their own farts. Kind of like Blackgryph0n.

    1. Going by the tags, I'm pretty sure that this isn't real.