Brony run over by 2 cars in hit and run "fighting for life" - charity auction for medical expenses

Alabama pony fan Sean Rey , 26, was hospitalized after a double hit-and-run while cycling to work. He has skull fractures, orbital fractures, 12-14 spinal fractures, a shattered pelvis, and numerous other injuries. This evening Horse News was reached out to by fan named BoomOp who comes to us with the news and a charity auction to help raise money for Sean's extensive medical bills.

Local News have the full story of the incident below.


The auction that the Alabama Bronies are asking for bids on (for those who do not want to just chip in to the GoFundMe) is for a Signed Tara Strong Bronycon Promo Card.

Sean has no insurance, and is "fighting for his life". Our thoughts go out to him and his family., GA News Weather

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  1. If this is a scam I'm going to be so disappointed of people who want to cons so badly

    1. It doesn't look like a scam.
      The OP put his name and face out there, and there are local news articles about the incident.
      It looks as legit as possible.

    2. For what internet words are worth, as an admin of Bronies of Alabama, I would vouch for this.

      But considering that this is the internet, I don't expect anyone to take it at face value. That's why there are links to local news articles here.

    3. I'm smelling a scam here. What the fuck does being a "brony" have to do with anything? That word is a goddamn relic at this point...unless you're a two bit con artist trying to scam nerds. The guy getting hit totally happened, but I bet someone came across his facebook and saw the MLP stuff (or even just saw a news report, made up a fake account, and posted some pony stuff), then started up a phony fundraiser thing.

      If I wanted to scam you horsefuckers, that's what I'd do.

    4. This is not a scam. But you just keeps having whatever delusions you want. This man needs all the help he can get. He is a brony. And some of the members of the Bronies of Alabama Facebook group want to help his medical bills by selling some of their MLP stuff. A go fund me was set up by his family. Not some two bit con artist. The admins of Bronies of Alabama felt Sean and his family could use more support financially and turned to the fandom he is a part of for additional help. Not everything is a scam.

    5. I'll break it down for you as the BoA's resident channer. It is both real and legits.
      Sean was in fact in the accident, and he was in fact a member of the Bronies of Alabama group.
      If I had a nickel for every time I had to tell one of those guys how that term makes me cringe......bleh, not even worth the trouble any more; it's too rooted in the public psyche, no going back and changing it now.

      Anyway, I didn't know sean too well, we only met once or twice at a con meetup and didn't chat online much outside of group posts, but he did friend me a while back. I remember because he tried to post on my wall, and I don't like for ponies to show up there, because I keep things minimalistic. Anyway, that was all pretext to say the account is his and is real:
      Look at the facebook IM in the lower right. Look at the date of those messages.

      Anyway, it's not like it matters much if you anons believe anymore; the message has hit the twittersphere and people are donating like crazy, so he'll get the help he needs. Thanks for helping us out on this one Capper, wish I could have gone to that con. It would have been cool to meet you in person; I remember seeing you around on /mlp/ back as far as the scruffening.

  2. So, do you think he was hit because he was a brony?

    1. Real doubtful. The first driver stopped to help. It was the second car that hit and ran while he was already down, it sounds like.

  3. I mean it's Alabama, but I didn't expect them to be this low....double hit-and-run? seriously?

  4. why doesn't he drink some epoxy that's bound to stick him back together

  5. the way it sounds it sounds like some level of foul play was involved

  6. Roads in Alabama are treacherous sometimes. He was on a bike riding to a gas station, probably along a busy highway.
    Someone hitting a biker on the road isn't unheard of. It sounds like they stopped to help and call the police and everything, but then a second car struck him and drug him along the road a ways before running. The driver of that car committed a crime and is wanted.

    If I'm reading this right, then that's what happened.

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  11. I hate to hear stories like this

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