Former Secessionist founds Brony Commune - The South Will Rise again

It was nearly a year ago that the Equestrian Secessionists lost the Brony Civil War and were forced to lay down their arms and rejoin the Union. Well the confederate leaders have found a new way to remove themselves from the community, in a completely literal sense: they're founding an invite-only brony commune, reminiscent of the hippies of the 60's.

But apparently the fact that the organizer was the head of the failed separatist movement last year was supposed to remain a secret.  It didn't, as one leaked chatlog shows.

The Brony Commune website (which is still in a very rudimentary form) lists 3 administrators for the project, one of whom is named "Hoodwink", who owns the land the drum circle commune will sit on. Evidently, interested parties noticed that the contact email for the commune was "". Was this the same group that denounced the brony community as "toxic" to the point of trying to establish a new title for themselves?

Apparently yes, as the latest Q&A post indicates.

This post was apparently made as a reaction to the response, as indicated in this IRC chatlog we were sent this morning, which is timestamped for around the time the post was made.

03212329 <StreetHax> I keep getting emails about Equestrians
03212329 <Bumpk1n_away> back
03212329 <Elsmer> what do the emails say
03212330 <TheGary> also, now we can't take anyone that's 17 or younger, for legal reasons, they'll think we're doing bad things
03212330 <StreetHax> mostly it's just asking if any of us is realted to the tumblr drama...hood
03212330 <Bumpk1n_away> it is a pain in the ass getting these kids to quiet down after they get back from school.
03212330 <StreetHax> i dunno why you used that email to register the site anyhow
03212330 <~Hood> I didn't think it was an issue. the Equestrian thing was over so quickly it barely hit a radar
03212330 <StreetHax> apparently it did
03212330 <StreetHax> people are asking a lot about it, calling us hypocrites and intolerant
03212331 <~Hood> I was never hypocritical or intolerant.
03212331 <Bumpk1n_away> I'm not really involved in this.
03212331 <Bumpk1n_away> But we should say something.
03212331 * Bumpk1n_away is now knows as Bumpk1n
03212331 <StreetHax> like what? a press releas?
03212331 <neeerp> Man, I remember when I was 17.
03212331 <~Hood> Honestly, the purpose of the Commune is to escape from the horrible, terrible world outside and connect with people. I don't want the Equestrians thing to spoil that. It's why I registered new emails.
03212332 <StreetHax> you SHOULDN't have used them in the FIST PLACE
03212332 <~Hood> What's done is done, now we need to decide how to proceed.
03212332 <StreetHax> it's not all about YOU
03212333 <~Hood> Come on now, no need to be hitting the shift key. We're all adults here.
03212333 <StreetHax> Well, you did something stupid and now it needs to be fixed. So. Press release, Bumpkin?
03212334 <Bumpk1n> Maybe a second FAQ, and drop the question near the bottom
03212335 <Bumpk1n> That way the people who care right now will see it, the people who don't won't.
03212335 <~Hood> Alright, but don't make a huge deal out of it. The last thing I need is tumblr drama.
03212337 <StreetHax> no, the LAST thing you need is Horse FUCKING NEWS to attach you to tumblr drama
03212338 <~Hood> well, that too
03212338 <~Hood> There's still so much more work to be done.
03212338 <StreetHax> Yup, alwayas work to be done.

It's hard to say how these developments will affect the future of the fledgling project, if bronies will want to live in a brony commune, organized by a brony who has campaigned against bronies in the past.

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  1. Can April 4 just get here already?

  2. I thought this was HN made-up bullshit for a lark. I was sadly wrong on all counts.

    1. What even is Reality anymore.

      Naw but the title makes it look like an onion piece, don't it.

  3. If someone would send us the chat logs of how they respond to this article, that would be great

  4. I can't wait for the identity politics to set in and see the entire thing come crashing down.

  5. "I'm not a brony, I'm an Equestrian."

    Oh god, I remember that. That was rich.

  6. "Will there be horses anywhere nearby?
    Yes, actually! One of the Commune’s neighbors has horses on the property.
    So…about those horses. Can I–?
    Don’t even finish that question. Moving on."


  7. I'm not at all surprised that someone who is trying some sort of "brony+" thing akin to athiest+ and gamer+ would try and start a neck/legbeard commune.

    It's socially awkward beards all the way down.

  8. Isn't that a damage-control chat forged by those guys?

  9. "03212331 * Bumpk1n_away is now knows as Bumpk1n"
    That typo (knows instead of known) makes me suspicious of these IRC logs.

  10. "escape the world outside" + "connect with people" = does not compute

  11. H-how come nobody wants to war us for not going by "brony"?
    Also, clopnigger > horsefucker.

  12. Fav line: "03212337 no, the LAST thing you need is Horse FUCKING NEWS to attach you to tumblr drama"

  13. Oh, sweet Lord's godsfuck on a celery stick...this is precisely the exact opposite thing I had hoped for the more idealistice bronies. Rather than "brightening the corner where you are", they want to escape to a magical land of magical...magic. That does nothing but cloister troubled fans into a neo-Jonestown. MLP was never intended to make anyone fashion a separate society based on a goddamned fantasy, no matter how much we'd all love to live in a world without ISIS and crashing airliners and injury and death. I hope this makes a little bit of sense, confused as it is.