More Newsie Lewds than we know what to do with

There has been an influx of artwork of our Mascot (and legal owner if the cops ask) known affectionately as Newsie, that has been cropping up over the last few days. And what's surprising, is that the vast majority of it is lewd.

In celebration of Blogger's lifting of their ban on sexy images, we're going to post the latest additions to the collection below.

First up is this gem from the master of rage himself - Catfood McFly, 
who also made us a cute, non-lewd Newsie not too long ago.

We wonder who's better, cute-Newsie, or lewd-Newsie..

Legal informs me that we can't show throbbing equine penises on the site without some sort of  liability waiver or some shit. But we can link the shit out of it.

This collection of Doodles comes to us from Replica.

You can find his blog here 

This next one comes to us from TheSecretHospital 

Earlier, datte-before-dawn, who made our image at the top, also created this piece, which we figured we'd include because why not? 

If anyone else wants to illustrate the daily adventures of everyone's favorite news horse, please send us your images when you're done. We need them

Comments (10)

  1. I'm okay with this.

  2. The fapping intensifies

    1. I already crossed her off on all the ponies I fapped too. Which is pretty much every mare in ponyville. :3

  3. >Not showing the actual lewd parts
    Shame on you and your whole family

  4. I like this mare. Real journalism it is.

  5. Is it tagged #newsie or just #horsenews

  6. Newsie Best Waifu

  7. Can't wait for lesbian porn of Newsie with the new EqD Mascot...

    >Inb4 the mascot is male.

  8. I schlicked to this.