A Baby Named Futashy

There are times, when we miss a story, and more often than not, we let it be. This is not one of those times. Today an account named "yesnogoodfact" alerted us to a piece of news so incredible we couldn't not celebrate it.

Back in October of 2012, a healthy baby was born to a pair of pony-fan parents. They decided to give her a pony name. But they didn't go with something pleb like "Pinkamena Zecora Smith". No these guys went the full monty and named their newborn daughter "Futashy".

That's right fuckers, there is a 2.5 year old child, somewhere on this planet, named after a pony porn character.

All hail the messiah
Truly this means that the chosen one walks among us, and we have dispatched 3 horsefuckers to bring the child Reddit Gold, Spaghetti Sauce and GFur. They're following onstar as we speak.

The herald is below

TO MY FELLOW BRONIES:Well, it’s been a tumultuous few months Tumblr, but two weeks ago I finally gave birth to a healthy, bouncing baby! It is very cute, loud and cuddly and we love her more than anything else in the world. So precious!
For those who don’t know, me and my partner have been trying to bring a child into the world for a long time now, but due to medical reasons up until this point I have been either unable to conceive or carry a fetus for the full term of pregnancy until now. It’s been very hard for all of us and even though the labour was rough on my body I am incredibly grateful for all of the support and help my friends, family and fandom have been able to provide.
My husband lost his job back in July and it looks like he won’t be able to get anything in his field for quite a while, but we remain hopeful. Even though we’ll be raising a baby and times are tough we have a few thousand dollars squirreled away and a supporting network of friends and family behind us. It’s here I’d like to give a shout-out to all of you bronies out there. In the tough months behind us the stories, content and material produced by our fandom have been a real comfort for us and have actually helped us re-awaken our love for each other (and our baby) in whole new ways. I cannot thank you all enough, and it is because of this that I have a very big announcement to make.
Over the past year or so, we have become very aware of the way gender roles shape and control our society and culture. Knowing several transfolk and gender queer people who have suffered in childhood due to stuff as simple as gender-specific names and pronouns, we have decided to give our child a name that can signify either or neither sex and raise her in as gender neutral a manner as possible until the time comes in which they can decide for themselves who they want to be.
The name we have chosen also has something to do with the Brony fandom, and I think a lot of you will really appreciate this as much as we do. Our child is named (almost) after one of the Mane Six characters of My Little Pony, or rather, a version of it we have both begun to treasure even more-so than the original thanks to the fine people at Tumblr. We present to you, the 20% cooler Baby FutashyWe understand that this choice might be a little controversial, but with some people naming their kids Shaneequa and Oranjello I ask you, isn’t a beautiful name like this better? We plan to tell our child that its name is a special unique name, created just for them because of how special they are (all true). Perhaps when they’re older, we can decide whether to tell them the origin of their name or let them find out for themselves in the more tolerant world of tomorrow. Either way.
Thank you for listening to to the story of us three(!) bronies and my love and tolerance find you all. I look forward to having many more adventures with you all in the future!
8:30 pm  •  21 October 2012  •  26 notes

We can only hope she teams up with Pinkamena in the future, to fight crime or something.

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  1. >"Love and tolerance"

    confirmed troll

  2. It's from Tumblr in 2012.
    If you were actually around, you would know that was the heyday of that sloganeering.

  3. Just wait till she searches her own name

  4. That picture is at least a few month old.

    Stop being trolled faggots.

    1. HN tagged it with "Entertainment"
      This implies they know its fake

  5. I remember when tumblr got all butthurt over this.

    Good times.

  6. I'd give my kid a pony-related nickname, sure. But this is insanity.

    I'd also rather give my kid a name associated with a ghetto black girl than a mare with a dick.

  7. All hail the messiah

  8. Everyone will read the name as /fu.ˈtæ.ʃi/.

  9. Part of me wants this to be real/to do this. It can't be worse than the girl I met whos name was Shithead but pronounced Sha-theed.

  10. >I look forward to having many more adventures with you all in the future!

    The adventures of calling Child Protective Services on their asinine parenting

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  13. Believe it or not, for my baby, I chose a cat name :) There are plenty of creative cat names based on astrology and I choose Luna! :)