My Little Dashie VN completed after nearly 3 years

Today we were contacted by one of the creators of a project that has been in the work for nearly 3 years - a My Little Dashie Visual Novel. It was featured in EQD nightly roundups in 2012, and only now just finished. It's been so long that EQD apparently didn't even believe it was actually them.

Well we have the link and we have it here for you.

The Message reads:

In June of 2012, some friends and I decided to make a visual novel adaptation of undoubtedly one of the most popular (and to this day, one of the most autistic) fan fictions of the time, My Little Dashie.

Nearly three years later, after several indefinite hiatuses and the realization that the fic itself is complete garbage, we finished the project last night in an alcohol-fueled frenzy. 

What's more interesting, though we have not yet played it, it is receiving favorable reviews from /mlp/ who are typically some of the harshest critics of any product in the fandom. We're saving our review for an authority we happen to have in the staff chat....surprises await.

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  1. Well, he put his fucking heart and soul into that project, so he deserves all the praise he gets!

    1. Fuck off.
      You can appreciate his hard work, but putting hard work into something does not necessarily make the end result praiseworthy.
      He wasted his work on a shitty fic, which is a shame. I appreciate his love for the fandom, and I realize that there was also a point where MLD was considered good. However, that time is long past.
      He should have finished it earlier.

    2. Project lead here.

      So, you're partially right. I should have finished this much sooner. There were a lot of reasons why I didn't, being put into a coma after a car accident in 2012 being the only one that was out of my control. I missed several deadlines that I set for myself throughout the last couple years, and that's totally my fault.

      Maybe the fanfic itself isn't the greatest work ever, but I originally chose it for this adaptation because so many people did like it, and I figured it would get more attention than doing an original pony VN. Regardless, there are a lot of problems with MLD, sure, and many of them are core aspects of the story. However, there are still quite a few great things about it too, and it was our goal to accentuate those parts of the story to create a faithful retelling of the fic that fixed some of the problems of the original.

      There was a point where I was 99% sure I would never finish this project, and I was incredibly disappointed with myself. Maybe the fic wasn't as great as I thought it was at first, maybe the VN wasn't turning out the way I intended, but that didn't change the fact that two other people busted their asses trying to put this thing out. Dawnmistpony drew close to 300 pieces for this thing, many of which were never even used, and Mbulsht re-did the soundtrack I don't know how many times.

      Quite frankly, I would be remiss if I left it unfinished after they worked so hard. But it's completed, lots of people have told me they enjoyed it so far, and I can rest easy knowing we didn't give up. I didn't do this because of my love for the fandom. I did it because I said I would.

      So, did I waste my work? Not in the slightest.

    3. Congratulations. You've finished something that might be interpreted as a game by some people.

      Now that you've experienced the troubles associated with that, do you have any plans for any other projects?

    4. Yeah, I'm actually considering adapting a certain creepypasta(not Slenderman or any variation thereof) to the visual novel format. We'll see.

    5. Is it Majora!? Please make it about Majora. If it's pony-related, make it Gamer Luna who's playing Majora.

      Since it's Luna, be sure to include incest with Celestia and a never-before-mentioned brother.

  2. A shame that it was wasted on MLD, but I can appreciate effort when I see it.

    Given the nice quality of everything besides the story itself, I'd be interested in seeing where the devs go from here, if anywhere at all.

  3. Just think, with the amount of effort and decent-ish skill they put into it they could have been hoers legends had they actually finished it back when people still gave a fuck about pony fanfics.

  4. >no linux
    I won't even bother. Congrats though, making things is always good, if only for the experience.

  5. "this webpage is not available"