Horse News gets over 2.5 Million views in just under a year

Holy shit. Thanks what now?

In all seriousness, this is a quick thank you for all the support, love, autism, and death threats you wonderful scamps have been sending us on a daily basis for all this time. With the one year anniversary coming in three days, we're ecstatic to see how far this side show attraction has come. Thanks from the entire HN staff, and as a special treat we've provided music, Robert Downey Jr shitting his pants, and a special picture just for the Horse News readers.

Ciao, faggots.

Us currently. Actually us usually.

I had to censor it. Fun fact, we were going to use this in another Horse News celebration post but Capper wouldn't let us. Oops.

Comments (6)

  1. Congratulations, and here's to many more page views and death threats to come.

    1. How many page views before we get to cum inside?

  2. 8/8 ya got gud m8s.

  3. Here's to at least one more year!

  4. Does that count bots/crawlers too?

  5. Congrats, guys. I'm looking forward to more tales of this fandom's oddities, more Ted Anderson slam pieces, and more of Crazy Ivan trying to seduce me by giving me a free T-shirt.