MLP comic declared one of's Best Comics of 2014

Batman. Superman. Iron Man. Spiderman. Harley Quinn. The Joker. The Incredible Hulk. My Little Pony. It's official, one of the issues of Friendship is Magic has been declared one of the best for the entire year of 2014 by a site that isn't part of the fandom. 

In unrelated news, several hundred comic book aficionados were found dead in their basements today. Police still aren't sure why.

A few days ago the site released their "Best Comics of 2014" list, complete with a large assortment of categories for a large assortment of comics to win for a large assortment of reasons. While it was weird early in the list to see that Ms. Marvel had apparently done a crossover with MLP, it was even weirder farther down the list to see that MLP had actually made garnered a spot on its own.

Even weirder? It won for Most Epic Adventure and Heartbreaking Romance. Remember the arc about Celestia and Sombra? Yep, that issue.

But MLP wasn't alone in winning. There were many other interesting categories, with most being won by something related to batman. 

Then there were some of the more baffling winners. For instance there was actually an award given out. The Adventure Time Award. To Adventure Time. For being Adventure Time.

Do you like having sex with machines? Apparently so does Comics Alliance, since they've got you covered with the Best Robosexual Comic.

Batgirl being an obnoxious cunt? They've gotcha covered again with the Most 2014 Comic Book of 2014.

Finally, can you not get enough of GamerGate? Do you like Social Justice Warriors making you beg for an end to human civilization? Comics Alliance stepped up to the plate with our personal favorite category, Best Comic about ethics in Video Game journalism.

Not a joke.

To be fair this looks well done.
Comics: An industry that made icons out of asinine people and keeps twenty-and-thirty-somethings pathetically living in their parents' homes. It's no wonder comics and bronies fit so well together! They're one in the same. So we salute you Comics Alliance. Truly we are brothers in arms. So we ask you...

Do you want to make a waifu?

I don't read many comics, but I can tell you that Celestia would beat Batman's ass. Horse News has done multiple studies and found this to be the one true answer.

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  1. > campaign to hound women out of video games

    my sides

    that's like calling a kiwi bird a voracious man-killer

  2. Good to know that the comics industry still has integrity :^)

  3. Yep. Looks like we can count Comics Alliance as being on the ever-growing list of sites with no credibility, along with the likes of Kotaku.

    Which really kind of depresses me, because if there's any industry where sexism is genuinely a problem and where a news site with feminist leanings might actually do some good, it's comic books.

  4. GamerGate was doomed from the start, but not for the reasons this brainwashed whiteknight shill is saying. GamerGate was doomed the very second Gawker and co cried "Sexisim!! Nerds!! Neckbeards!! Misogyny!!" All they had to do was keep screaming those points throughout the entire affair, and victory was assured.

    1. Though from what I hear, some people really did go crazy with the whole thing, and I think those people didn't help matters. I don't think GamerGate was necessarily doomed once the usual accusations came up, but yeah, once these shameless hypocrites start throwing around words like that, it would've taken a lot to refute it to the satisfaction of a neutral observer, because it's both the more direct accusation and it plays to a common stereotype that many still believe. Our enemy just had the better weapons for fighting a war like this.

    2. GamerGate was doomed when the retards drove out everyone with half a brain. Damn near everyone was outraged over that Zoe Quinn bullshit, but then came the hashtags, and the slacktivism, and calling everyone who doesn't blindly do the same bullshit as everyone else a "shill", and not having a fucking clue what they were doing, and being dumb enough to attack the mods that tolerated this shit for a month.

      Speaking of Gawker, it's funny how this "doomed" movement is what they blamed losing millions of dollars in advertising on. Not saying shit like "race riots are good for the economy", but a bunch of butthurt anti-SJW nerds that migrated to 4chan from Tumblr.

    3. You'd be surprised how many people are still in it, especially since they're tactics are getting shittier each month. Just check the twitter feed, the levels just spiked again due to the doxxing of 8chan. (which is up again, bless Saint Hotwheels)

    4. It's Chanology all over again. No real concrete outcome except a lot of lulz, column inches wasted and e-drama. The difference is that the media is less on the side of the internet mob now.

  5. >Comic has nothing to do with Gamergate
    >Spend the award text talking about Gamergate
    >Transphobia accusations got Batgirl authors to apologize

    Keep it comics alliance. No wonder comics are in the shitter right now.

    1. >Vivian James
      >entirety of her character is holding a controller and looking grumpy

      $10 says the only woman Andrew Wheeler has ever kissed is his mother.

  6. I was not aware there were people trying to keep females from games... Hell, i've been turned down because I played games....Maybe i'm missing something...

    1. Video games like surfing are the white man's last sports not to be spoiled by the multicultural diversity agenda. Anyone who says video gamers and gaming needs to be anti racist are basically saying be ANTI WHITE.

  7. Reflections won an award? Wow...