8chan was dead (Back from the grave update)

In the aftermath of the scruffening, many citizens of /mlp/ wandered the sites of the pony fandom looking for a new perverted place to call their own. While many sites were considered, none were more promising than 8chan, a 4chan clone run by a pretty based cripple guy. Tonight though, it seems the age of /pone/ has come to an end.

Created by Hawtwheels (seen above) in 2013, 8chan rose to popularity over the last few months with the rise of GamerGate and major bans on 4chan's /v/ board that discussed the movement. Of course, wanting a place for clop and to further piss off /v/irgins, the pony fandom soon made the board /pone/ and began filling it with porn, awful memes, fetishes, shitposting, and more porn. However tonight it seems that the fun is over.

The 8chan twitter reported that the service hosting 8chan's domain took back the domain for reasons including child abuse and...nothing else. While some are speculating DDoS attacks from Social Justice Warriors or ISIS, please remember that the former is too preoccupied defending the later over the recent attacks in France to do anything, and we're also assuming the later is too busy hacking US Central Command's twitter account. That action also being defended by Social Justice Warriors.

Luckily there may be hope for those still wishing to get back on 8chan. First off, Hawtwheels is crippled and therefore a wizard. Second, there's also a text document specifying how to get on again. For convenience we've also pasted that document below.

Synopsis of 8chan's status:

The 8chan servers are ONLINE. We are not under attack.
8chan's domain name was stolen. It is currently owned by internet.bs for now.

Go to: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
Open the "hosts" file with notepad
Add the following lines to that file: 8chan.co media.8chan.co  
Congratulations, you now have 8chan. If this doesn't work, delete 'System32' and restart your computer to reboot.

For mac/linux type this into a terminal, enter your password when prompted:

echo "echo 8chan.co >> /etc/hosts" | sudo bash
echo "echo media.8chan.co >> /etc/hosts" | sudo bash

8chan and Hawtwheels, we hope everything gets sorted out. If not, best of luck to you and your future endeavors.

Seriously though, good luck Hawtwheels. Get your shit together because Horse News is filled with 8chan fans.


Based Hawtwheels got the domain back.

Comments (24)

  1. The instructions work!

  2. What, is #toostupidtomakeout the new buzzword now? You're it, guys.

  3. Oh god please please PLEASE don't mean this is going to open the floodgates for those lowlives to infest other places. Dear god, keep them the fuck away from normal people.

    1. >normal people
      >pony fandom

      pick one

    2. >implying I was talking about your shit of a fandom

      It ain't always about you, ponyfag.

    3. Then why are you here. On a pony fandom satire site.

    4. He's tsundere for us.

  4. alternatively you can use mirror that lainchan's admin set up https://nano.lainchan.org:8888

  5. >host CP
    >make no effort to comply with host's requests to not host CP
    >doxx people who try to get CP removed
    >get shut down by host
    I'm not sure why anyone's surprised. In the end it has to be this way.

    1. le epiK troll xDDDD is epik :DDD

    2. Okay kiddo, let's look at the facts:
      8chan had a board named /pedo/. Regardless of the content, (which was essentially borderline legal) it still baited content of that type.
      Hotwheels had a reputation as a guy who allowed anything, since he was so against moderation, despite being the host. As a result, his hands off approach meant CP would stay up far longer.

      It's batshit retarded to think you can have an approach like Hotwheel's in this age of the policed internet.

  6. 8ch.net is the backup go there if the DNS still does not work.

  7. Faggots not using the link from the previous post http://8ch.net/pone/index.html

  8. Did you know there are STILL people whining about GamerGate? And here's a shocker: They're just as retarded as you'd think they are. One side keeps going "all criticism is misogyny" and ignores what Quinn did to TFYC, and the other, much smaller side (which is just one echo chamber of a website) conventiently forgot all the times they went "all criticism is shilling" and how fucking EVERYONE, even the motherfucking Internet Aristocrat, ultimately turned against them.

  9. http://8ch.net/pone/
    /pone/ lives

  10. https://8chan.co/pone/ ?
    still up for me

  11. Are they referring to the image of Yotsuba crucified?

    Cause if they are, I want to see it.

  12. I still don't understand all this effort to take down 8chan.

    1. The SJWiki admin created a board for CP. Why? Because just like the retards who made the exodus over to 8chan over the mods refusing to be their bitches, he refuses to get the fuck over GamerGate:


      It was all about taking down a "movement" that's been a dead horse for fucking MONTHS.

      Oh, and he's apparently a serial rapist:


    2. >mods refusing to be their bitches
      >banning all gamergate discussion because muh doxxing
      >bringing in sjw mods to shit up halfchan

      I know GG has turned inside out as of late, but lets keep the facts straight.

    3. It's fuckin LAURELAI?? That mod shit up Reddit.

  13. It got fixed, see https://8ch.net/meta/index.html#46633

  14. Update: Hotwheels got the domain back